St Essington's Day


Happy St Essington’s Day!!!
(Shitful), inept club…




Essendon aiming for top 8 this year


Ah, but getting the crucial matter of the eligible date wrong for St Essington’s day is, in point of fact, the very essence of the Essington way, is it not?


This sites farked


Point in case look about 3 posts up, site can’t handle a gif. Even the 2004 version could handle a gif and that was with fckn dialup.


Fkn Rolo doesn’t even have a Plan B. We renewed his contract way too early


Rolo needs to stop being a cheap ■■■ and increase the bandwidth or flux capacitor to bring the site into this decade.


@Mendozaaaa it begins


Clappers on essendons finals chances


File size limits keep the site performant.


I think it’s time to accept we are Essington and occasionally Essendon shows it’s face. Not the other way round.


Dull. Flat. Emotionless. Completely out of his depth when it comes to making changes.

His family doesn’t even live in Victoria.


Look we need to determine what kind of forum we want to be.


The posters need to learn when a change is required.

Or pm @neeld


If Riolio is Whoosha, does that make Benfti = Neeld and Dingus = Skipworth. Sack them all!

This forum needs a review of all facets, from the WEBMASTER to the server host. The members should cause a spill of the moderators and start building again from the ground up.






Try your best. Our problems are endemic. Tear us down and there’ll be another.


After much soul searching, I’ve realised it’s not you, it’s us, the members.

If we didn’t except such mediocrity, this forum would be a better place. We should sack ouserleves, then hang our heads in shame.