St Essington's Day


Now you’re getting it.

You’re welcome.

Donate to the blitz plan.


Rolo out DKP in, he will set the right expectations in here.


It all started when we started when we flip-flopped playing our AA defender as a forward. Since we sent him back this site has gone to pox.

We need to welcome Pazza back with open arms, apologise and things will get back on track. Of course this cannot happen until we decide what type of forum we want to be…










Jakey Carlisle reckons this forum’s ■■■■■■.


He’s right twice now.


is he as right as DP?


Heard on radio driving home that tomorrow marks 5000 days since we last won a final?



I held off truly celebrating yesterday but this 5000 day anniversary has tipped me over the edge.

Black Sambuca with red wine chasers for dinner tonight.


refresher of some redbull halfway through too.


St Essington day celebrations were done and dusted weeeeeeks ago.

It officially happened when Matt Taberner dobbed a goal within the first 20 seconds of round 2… everything has been depressingly predictable since then.


Eskeetit bois


@mods i’ve never wanted you to ban someone so much in my life.


I’ve never wanted to go to someone from the internet’s house so much in my life.


Sambucca, red wine and all the aqua you want


missing out on the xannies.


Why the Hell is JD Handballing in front of goal… that was his fault surely.


Current Record is : 5,474 days. Between 1968 and 1983
Then there’s 5,103 days, between 1926 and 1940.

As finals are played a week later, we’ll match that on 28/08/2018 and go over a few days.

And, unless we win a final this year the 68-83 record will fall on 01/09/2019 going to 5,475. Unless they schedule finals games late august.