St Essington's Day









They should print that out on a banner and wrap it around the 16 cups in the foyer.






You should watch ■■■■



Just preparing for possible scenarios.


Is it possible for St Essington’s Day to fall twice in one season?




Us being removed from the finals may have caused it to fall twice for other teams?

Perhaps some below us became mathematical possibilities again once our spot was up for grabs.

But FarkCarlton and the rest.


What if there is no St Essington day? Does blitz get sucked into some wormhole.


Basically Benny Hill dies again and we all heap insults on St. Essington, who retreats in to his tomb for another year or so.

Then the orgy begins.




Didn’t occur last year.


I’m pretty sure I remember Blitz getting sucked into a wormhole.


Just got thumped the next game we play. Been that way for 14 years when St Essington’s day is skipped in that year.


Is the finals bye round still a thing?


This 5000 whatever days since a finals win is a tainted statistic anyway… would have won a final in 2013 and anyway, no other club ever got a 4 year bucket of ■■■■ dropped on them right as they were entering their premiership window…