St Essington's Day


It was a little latter than I thought this year but it has come again


I don’t think today counts as Essington. They had a crack and bar a few silly mistakes should have won.

Now, should be lose to St Kilda, then yes, bring out the Essington party poppers and confetti.


When Raz missed that sitter early on it was obvious we were going to throw this game away with stupid skill errors the entire game


Would have won but for the wasn’t a Goal.




Happy St Essington Day to all. Wishing everyone the very best.


I hope for you blokes’ sake, you don’t always go off so early. :smirk:


Season is over, but it’s not so Essington day


Mate, if you’re still holding on… she’s left the room and you are going to have to sort yourself out.


Correct. Carlton are glued to the cellar! ■■■■ Tottenham.


St essington day is when we mathematically can not make the finals.

Though I wonder if people look further into it and see that teams above us are playing each other which counts against us in this situation? Or is it just 1 game out with 2 weeks to go therefore still mathematically possible?


Most were only assuming we would win 3 more and end on 13. We still can.

St Essington comes after we loose to Richmond

What annoys you?

It would have panned out like 2014’s peahearted effort.


This year its very crammed.

One more loss will do it, but we could win all 3 and miss out on %.


Can’t even celebrate St Essington’s day :disappointed_relieved:


As soon as I saw this thread had been dug up I felt sick in the guts about the game. This is entirely @dingus fault. Essendon just doesn’t have the powers to contain the power of @dingus

Anyway. I have spent the weekend feeling like cr*p. I guess injuries to Daniher and Fantasia early were always going to hurt. Bit this really does suck.


Couldn’t be a more apt way to bring in St Essington’s day than losing to St Kilda.



I don’t want to completely blame 9/11, but you know, it was a traumatic event and that


Yep into my veins