St Essington's Day


That’s me. Devestator of destinies, destructor of divine rights, ■■■■■■ of fortunes, ruinatior of results.

Just ask my ex wife.


Also, I blame worsfold.



Yeah nah we’re still good

St Essington’s Day is shtposting hanukkah so I’m all over it


So close yet so far.

Was looking like a St Essington’s Day miracle in the 2nd qtr.


Some of the huffin’ and a puffin’ from the 2nd term of the match day thread needs to be seen to be believed.


I read the whole thing on the train ride home. JFC.

Now I’m the type of fan who is still nervous if we’re 4 goals up with 1:30 to play, but we NEVER looked like we might even possibly lose last night.


All their goals in the first half were the direct outcome of lazy running by our players. We were primed to bottle it entirely half way through the second.


Will our team ever have a wake up call? we out ran them in the end when he had no rotation, but we should’ve been smashing them from pillar to post for the whole game. our percentage i ■■■■ and we have all this posturing about still being in the race for final.

Just wished we had some seasonal continuity. our most consistent season was 2016…


From what I understand, it’s unlikely that a St Essington’s Day will happen this coming weekend, even if we lose against Richmond.

I wonder whether a practical St Essington’s Day would have happened presuming we don’t beat Richmond though, presuming that any side in all remaining games will not lose a game by more than 150 points or win it by more than the same margin?


Till it’s mathematically impossible, everyone can nick right off.

(Yes, I know the AFL can arbitrarily decide who plays finals, but I’m OK to ignore that possibility.)

Anyway… we’re gonna win.


Mendozaaaaaaa already let me celebrate after fark Carlton rolled us.




You mean when they were behind the fifteenth team half way through the second quarter?
Yeah, imagine being upset about that.


True but it was a bit premature to go that hard, that early.


To be fair, I wasn’t there. So you may well be right.
People say some silly things when they’re upset.


You’re not the boss, MENDOZZAAA is!




Not impossible yet believe it or not