St Essington's Day


How is it dead? Until we win a final Essington continues each year.


Well Crazy One, in my view this is the best and hardest team we have had since 2001.

Previous years since then, Tigers would have kicked away and won by over ten goals like they did earlier in the year. That was a very hard and tough game against a very good, if not the best team going around at present.

Bombers did not fold and there was much upside in the total performance with the best players being MCGrath, Parish, Francis all kids with much potential.

Essington if it ever existed is dead.


‘Didn’t quite get there this year but we have a lot of potential and go into the next season full of confidence,’ is what Essington is all about!


First season since 1933 where we haven’t beaten carlton, collingwood, hawthorn and, richmond.


But we should be bullish about next year.



Farking depressing and ■■■■ all the miserable ■■■■■■ that liked your comment (and yes that includes me lol). Just once could you deliver some positive news?


first wooden spoon in 80 years.

first time not beating hawks carlton, collingwood or richmond in 80 odd years.

woosha breaking all the records.


Gee it’s so much more cheerful when it comes from you rather than Mendozaaaa.


We can’t finish 18th.


But we got beaten by the team that did finish 18th (just in case no-one posted this lately). Which is a kind of an Essington thing to do.

And Fark Carlton.


There’s a distinct lack of ‘“If’s”’ in that sentence, but yes, this is what it’s all about.


@Mendozaaaa is President of Essington


On behalf of everyone on Blitz I’d just like to officially wish the entire Essendon supporter base, Woosha, X and the players are very Happy Essington Day.



“It’s the most wonderful time, of the year”


Also it’s St.Essingtons day, you heathen


Let’s be honest, st essington’s day was the day we lost to Carlton.


Actually it’s not today. We could still make it if geelong, port and north all lose and we make up 21% on Geelong. Easy!


Can we call it St Wescosington Day too?

They’re soooo going to lose to Brisbane next week, and finish fourth.

For those interested in watching AFL finals this is probably a good thing, as them and Richmond winning two home games and meeting in the Grand Final is pretty much a worst-case scenario when it comes to a competitive finale.

Luckily, I don’t care.


That’s an awful lot of words for someone who doesn’t care… (although I don’t care either)