St Essington's Day



Well I was going to have an AFD but to hell with it I’m getting drunk only comes around 3 out of every 4 years.


i reckon the club should commemorate st essingtons this year. maybe set fire to a thumb drive containing the flash mob? or shred the trade papers of alvey, murphy and richard cole et al.


Still Mathematically possible IF…

But will occur friday night regardless.



So It’s this Friday, yes?


Maybe it’s just me, but you have to love @Stallion’s passion.


No. We’re gonna win.


Ah. Of course.

And then we must wait for Geelong to be smashed by 518 points? when do they play. Just need to plan the feast and costumes.


No Gimps or Dwarfs this year then?


Sandilands is the only player on a list that’s played in a losing final to us.

Have a great week.


Rich and compelling…


We’d need to win by enough to jump port on percentage




24 August 2018



His holiness has arrived.

■■■■ him.



As today is St. Essington’s Day 2018, birthday celebrations goes out to this great man


Saturday 25 August 2018 - Round 23
It’s happened again. This one went right down to the wire, too little too late. Geelongs win over Gold Coast saw them retain the also rans spot this year.

Round 23
Total Points: 48
Games Remaining: 0
8th Spot: Geelong 48 pts

Final Ladder Position 11 out of 18


Worst one ever.