St Essington's Day


Thinking about it more… it should be Friday August 24

As seeing Port finished higher than us on the ladder on % and if Geelong had got beaten by 250 points then Port would’ve finished 8th and the highest possible finish for us was 9th under any scenario



Just maybe.

We may never see a St Essington Day for a long long time.

Did Dodoro just slay the Essington dragon?


Well I mean Shiel shat the bed in the finals didn’t he?


Wait until September 2019 to see if it is slayed


What I wouldn’t give for a finals bed to be shat in.


We, as a club, did that two seasons ago. Don’t be greedy.


Yeah alright Trump


Huge ■■■■. The best ■■■■. China respects my enormous ■■■■.

Fake Poos!


Clap clap clap


This is up there with the Bulldogs game last year

Just stupid people running around kicking balls to the opposition and applying no manning up for 2 and a half hours


I’ve relegated myself to the fact the only finals win I’ll ever see was when I was 13 and Hirdy throwing that ball in the air. I’m just trying to find happiness in trying to find a second team now.


We calling it already???


Mathematical chance or not, that team isn’t playing finals in 2019


Yep, bring it in now. Start honouring those bets you placed with opposition fans who said we wont make finals


So when did it officially happen? Was it the moment McKenna turned it straight over to GWS kicking in from a behind?


You were only 13 on that day? I had you pegged for crotchety old man status.

2004 wasn’t it? I was 22 i think


It was over before it started!
Even blind Freddy could see the signs in the first JLT game. By time the second JLT game was done it was very clear we are miles behind the other clubs fitness wise and in preparation


Yea when Giants laugh amongst you
And when the Saints use your shoulders as their footstools
You will ask- have the end times come?
I tell you solemnly, St Essington’s Day has not yet come


After tonight.



Hahahaha nah man, I feel that old but I’m no old man yet.