Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Disarms guards, helps steal a ship and hotwires Walkers and that’s not including the scene when he was plugging electrical faults like they were water leaks. It’s the deus ex machina of any sticky situation. The first one it was cute, this was stupid.


Happy she used a bit yes, happy she got blasted into space, came back from the dead and flew back into the ship where they just opened the door for her, no. As soon as they showed her flying back into the ship I had my worries.


First and last parts were enternaining but the rest was boring.


Also in the Star Wars universe there’s no such thing as auto pilot. A Tesla can drive on its own and park but a rebel cruiser needs a high ranking officer to do a 180 and press a hyperspace button. You’d think there could have been at least a droid that could have been sacrificed to do the same job.


Just got home after watching it. I really enjoyed it. It was a little long in parts and there were a few plot holes but overall as a not too serious fan of the series I walked out having been entertained.

I would have liked to know the origin of Snoke; his death came too suddenly for my liking. I thought the Finn/Rose arc was a little too long, but understood its need to inspire a new generation of rebels.


Rewatched it for a second time and loved it even more. Still have concerns over some scenes but I found the second viewing was even better and the middle part didn’t sag as long for me. Perhaps because I wasn’t so overloaded with visual cues and references… either way it made a lot more sense to the plot and I could see why we were there. Still think it could have been done very differently.

The Leia force floaty scene was even worse the second time round… even though I have read the justifications for it etc etc… it was still laughable. I’m not a huge fan of editing before releasing on DVD etc… but in this case I would make an exception.

There were plot holes everywhere but I don’t mind that… if you don’t think every single film, even the OT has plot holes then watch again… like most sci-fi or fantasy genre… there will be holes when you are creating a world from imagination.

The Yoda scene was epic and beautiful and I really got to appreciate it on the second viewing. It ties luke’s story line together perfectly.

Overall the thing that hit me most this time was actually how similar the plot was to ESB and ROTJ… with the force characters kinda on their own arc and the rebels on another. For those suggesting Rey just ‘suddenly’ is a jedi master… go back and watch ESB again… we see luke training with yoda for about 5 minutes before he rushes off to save han and co. Yoda advises him not to go… but he goes anyway… Luke advises Rey not to go… she goes anyway… The scene with Snoke was awesome as it was a stand alone battle/confrontation but was almost a remake of the emperor scene. They have lots of options now really… keep Kylo as the Supreme Leader (something his idol Vader never achieved)… let him and Hux battle it out… Kylo and Rey finally find balance in the force by saving Ben and he can bring down the FO from withing… we could finally see a Sith Force Ghost… OR maybe we learn that Snoke is actually Darth Plageous the wise and he can come back again and again…

I can understand why some people won’t like the film but I think it will stand the test of time very well and, when watched in sequence and with the conclusion… will be seen as a masterstroke.

I also tend to think we will see the end of the Jedi/Sith era… it does seem like they are pushing towards a future where there is balance, true balance, in the force. How can it be in balance if the Jedi are in control? We believe in the Jedi because of the original frame of reference but they were power hungry in their own way. Or do they create a new Jedi order that does stay out of politics and is purely for peacekeeping etc etc? Is that role viable or possible or will it always be corrupted? Anyway I think some of the angst and disappointment for some people is that we didn’t get answers (or the answers they wanted) but that is what I love the most. I am now filled with questions about the galaxy and truly don’t know what is in store next. That is exactly how I wanted to feel.


Well, consider that they still record architectural and schematic drawings of things on large cassettes stored in a gigantic cooling tower powered by a six-inch thick cable plugged into a…something…at the docks, so, yeah.


In the first viewing it was just so intense for the fact you have no idea who is good. I love that uncertainty in a film, the way they told the different angles of the jedi temple scene was brilliant. The twists in the movie is the reason critics are eating this movie up.


Just saw it then. I thought it was terrific but next time, put me in charge of the First Order security.


Good to hear you didn’t have a traumatised childhood because of it!


How does Hux still have a job after cocking up so many times?


I loved rogue one but in many respects Mendelson was wasted in that movie. He should be hux. He is exactly the threat the first order needs.


Why are the good people at Star Wars inc so keen to prematurely kill off promising characters? Darth Maul ‘could have been somebody’ and now Capt Phasma? Plenty of others are underdeveloped, B Fett for example. I understand these characters are part of the support team but you knew pretty early on that Maul and Fett were deserving of more air time. Phasma had plenty to offer also.


The thing about Star Wars is that the stories are about the beginning and an end of each character. We never see a middle. We never see a character in the prime of their life (the closest I can think of is Obi-wan in the prequels).

Every Star Wars story is about the end of an era and the start of another.

It would not be a Star Wars trilogy if we had Luke SKywalker in all three movies and at the height of his power. Other than some awesome action scenes, the story would be completely boring.


Remember when Phantom Menance came out and everyone loved it? And then realized how stupid it was? Well right now Last Jedi has a worse audience rating than Phantom Menance. Let that sink in for a second.

Add to my “everything stupid about this movie” list which I’m sure will grow:

  • Holdo (purple hair girl) instead of just telling crew of her plan for evacuation, refuses to say anything, even with her ships being destroyed and her crew growing more restless. Thus creates stupid conflict with Poe and the crew basically for no reason other than for the audience. Once he knows, he says “yeah, that could work”. F*ck my day.
  • Am I honestly lead to believe that the First Order couldn’t chase these rebel ships? The same First Order ships that can jump to lightspeed couldn’t close the gap with some medical frigate ships, and couldn’t think to send some tie fighters after them? Or even position ships ahead of their position?
  • When did Finn become such a good pilot? Wasn’t he the janitor that needed Poe to pilot in the first film?
  • Humor that scrambles the tone of the movie. Major fight and we get a “sorry I can’t hear you” prank call from Poe.
  • Was there really meant to be a romance between Finn and Rose? Anakin kissed Padme with more passion.

This is a good example of why changing directors mid franchise is a bad idea, ideas set up in TFA are abandoned, characters are cast aside and we even got the social issues “it was worth it” for freeing those animals from Rose…really, losing the War and all your friends was worth it so a few camel-horses could be freed? And I love Disney giving rambles about greed.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect yours, I would offer a different view point on those four items though:
Holdo is a leader/vice admiral whatever… why would she tell every captain (ie MINOR leader) her plan? We have established that the first order has spies already, also like any military structure, most plans are on a ‘need to know’ basis and why would finn need to know? I don’t think it was just a plot device, I think it was about trying to teach Finn how to be a LEADER, not just ‘get in an x-wing and blow things up’ flyboy. This character ark is further confirmed when Holdo says to Leia as the transports are loading “I like him” etc. Also note that Finn and a handful are the only ones running around trying to do a different plan… everyone else seems happy to follow Holdo… perhaps some of them did know the plan in advance?!!

Agreed the extended space chase was bad… it was a poorly executed plot structure to allow for side adventures… however Star Wars has been using these forever. Stormtroopers that can’t shoot… a ‘back door’ to the power station… hiding in a worm whilst the entire fleet floats past you… hiding as space junk and not appearing on any radar… the ‘bad guys’ never being able to deal with a ‘singe fighter’… I mean seriously the list goes on. It seems a tad foolish to pick one out in this movie to go on a list as to why Star Wars is dead to you… I mean how many times can the Millenium Falcon hyperdrive not work thus meaning they can’t flee…?

Finn was trained as a trooper… perhaps it included basic flight training… and they weren’t really flying… more like gliding/ski-ing… maybe the same as hiring a jetski at the beach during your chrissy holidays!!! Also, we have seen this plot device used time and again… Luke jumps in an x-wing and literally takes down the death star and yet you still watch Star Wars… oh but he flew a crop duster so all good yeah?! Perhaps Rose gave him flying lessons on the way to the casino?!

Humour was ALWAYS a part of Star Wars OT… How about in the middle of the most intense prison break in galaxy history when Han made a ‘prank’ call to the control room?! Or the entire scene of Luke meeting the mystical and masterful yoda… when the force is coming into view… and we are popping wise cracks about his size and he is acting like an foolish cartoonish old man… yes yes?!! I agree we lost that sense of humour a touch in the prequels and they were the lessor for it… We gained a little back in the FA (don’t hold my hand anyone!!!) and TLJ really turns it up. FWIW the jokes may not be your cup of tea but my 12 year old REALLY loved it… and was one of the biggest highlights of the movie for her… and yep they are targeting kids… no crime in that. The OT was targeted at kids too and that worked out just fine.

I don’t think there was meant to be a romance… I think there was meant to be a hero worship type infatuation… and possibly love interest down the track. Finn is a ‘resistance hero’ who’s story has been told around the galaxy… one of the MAIN reasons why Rose and her sister joined etc etc… it would be like meeting a rock star… she goes a little giddy. There wasn’t much passion there because Finn is clearly interested in Rey… So I think it was meant to be awkward and one sided. Again focus on the plot device which was the notion that they need to stop fighting to kill things but instead start fighting to save things… which also ties in with deepening our understanding of ‘force balance’ too…

I’m sorry that you, and so many other people, did not enjoy the film. I really am. I hope that over time those fans will be able to rewatch it, with fresh eyes, and it will gain more respect. TBF most people hated TPM at the time… no one thought SW would survive Jar Jar… but it did and here we are.


i see a lot of people trying to make up excuses for the movie


I don’t agree with this.

The original trilogy was funny in parts but there aren’t really gags. The Han scene was an improv gone wrong that they kept roling on and it ended up in the film, it’s perfectly in character for the smuggler and fits in the moment. It wasn’t actually written for a laugh. The Yoda stuff is a deliberate feint and not written for laughs but rather confusion.

There are a few droid moments clearly written for laughs but they are rarely overdone, often within character or in context - 3po being anxious and catastrophising things, R2 throwing up. Probably the single most over played gag in the original trilogy is R2 zapping the Ewok on the but.

I posted earlier about the seriousness of the original trilogy and I stand by that.


Will kill off them, but won’t kill of luke and leia without milking a few movies for ■■■■■ sake.


If you don’t like the direction star wars is going in why continue watching it? writings been on the wall since they announced TFA.