Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


I never said it killed it for me, just that I thought it s*cked for the most part and the story and characters ruined what should have been a great movie. I blame mostly the director for being hired off one prominent movie (Looper). If you like it then good for you. Seems like you’re really stretching to defend the movie, all your explanations seem more far fetched as reasonings than the actual movie plot devices…don’t worry I found myself doing it a lot too for Force Awakens, but I actually thought that was a good enough movie if not unoriginal and a few plot hole, Last Jedi was full of messy overdone plot devices that lead nowhere and characters that got eliminated after a promising build.

Why wouldn’t Holdo just say “we’re planning on evacuating” instead of staying silent for NO REASON other than to advance the plot and get to say “oh boy oh boy he really is a flyboy just like han sol…I mean brash young man!”. We get it, you want him to be like Han Solo, you don’t need to whack us over the head with it. Simply saying 5 words could have avoided all the drama for no reason with the crew trying to overthrow them? I think it’s a bit far fetched to say to was because they were trying to teach him a lesson. If he’s that important to teach a lesson in the first place, JUST TELL THEM AND THE CREW. Glad you touched on Finn doing his own thing that amounted to nothing anyway, but we did get that whole Casino plot point so…yay? That whole 30 minutes ranks with trade disputes from Phantom Menance.

So you’re defending a bad plot point by saying “others were bad too”. The whole “can’t chase them down” plot was far, far worse than any of the others offered. Millenium Falcon needing to be repaired is believable, Storm Troopers not being able to shoot Han was believable, having the First order not use any other Tie Fighter or small ship to easily wipe them out was not. There’s a difference between small potential plot holes like Storm Troopers not having amazing accuracy and an entire movie based around a brain fart.

Say that they were flying crop dusters towards imperial walkers with a straight face? Not only did they fly them but somehow evaded them for the most part. Well yes I agree, Finn could have learnt all his flying skills at the Storm Trooper skiing christmas retreat, you’re right. See ivan’s response for the humor. Difference is one is sly, smart humor or wisecracks, the other is Disney style humor. Phantom Menance had a lot of great 12 year old humor so I’m happy your kid can enjoy that one.

I can’t read your whole Rose explanation without a straight face. Rose was without doubt the worst parts of the movie, her character was dull and her interactions with Finn were boring. And yes, MOST people liked Phantom Menace in the first month, there’s heaps of stuff on youtube. They did a reaction after the premiere and 17 of 19 people liked it.


I wouldn’t pay much attention to audience ratings when you have disgruntled Star Wars fans creating bots to bring down the audience score on rotten Tomato.


Because I liked TFA, truly, but thought Last Jedi jumped the shark when Leia flew back into the ship from space.


And still worse than Phantom Menance. That was supposed to be the movie that killed the franchise.


Anyway I don’t care if people like it, I’m just pointing out why I thought the movie was stupid and killed off a heap of characters just so the director could throw in some surprises. Each to their own.


If there was a movie that would bring down the franchise, it would be Attack of the Clones. That jedi scene at the end saved it. It was on the way to being embarrassing.


because you live in hope that the next one is going to be better/ the way you want it to be

Star Wars isnt your typical franchise, its a cultural phenomenon, or at least was, and it holds an almost sacred spot in peoples hearts, theyll watch it even if they fear for its direction/ didnt like the last one

I do kind of feel sorry for directors who pick up these movies, as they are on a hiding to nothing at times, but a particular reverence must be given to what has come before it, that is a non-negotiable. I dont believe TLJ paid that due respect.

TLJ is a fine movie to zone out to and watch once, twice maybe if you have people over/ want something in the background, but the days of Star Wars being a true cultural phenomenon are dead- peoples grief from that realisation is manifesting in a massive backlash to the movie itself


Star Wars fans are like Wrestling fans.

They just watch the WWE now to pick out holes, and prove that it’s sh*t and will never be as good as it was during the Attitude Era.


Star wars is harry potter of the 70s-80s. pulpy stories that were accessible to everyone.


pulpy stories that both struck absolute gold and morphed into so much more, in terms of story and the expected fanbase.


Look, I’d have loved it as much as the next middle-aged star wars nerd if we got another trilogy about Han, Luke and Leia running around being awesome and saving the galaxy. And yeah, it rubbed me a little the wrong way that when TFA came out all of a sudden it’s ‘hey, you know the awsome heroes of the original trilogy who you loved so much? Well, they’ve done NOTHING right since the emperor died and now everything they worked for has turned to ashes. Have fun!’

But for there to be a new trilogy, they were ALWAYS going to be kjlled off. It’s been 30 years since the original trilogy. The actors are old. Fisher is gone. Ford really struggled through TFA, by the looks of it. The guard has to change.

I love star wars and i have since i was a 7 year old kid, but these new movies aren’t made for me, they’re made for the kids who are 7 years old now. And that’s only right. The original movies will never go away, and neither these latest films or the prequel trilogy will ever be more than fanfic in my head.


Not sure that argument (if indeed it is an argument) holds much weight TBH. Toy Story 3 is a movie clearly, undeniably, made for kids but holds even more weight as an adult, particularly those who saw the originals as kids, and 15 years later saw 3.

Its not an impossible feat to please both crowds.

and further, dont think anyone is at all disputing that Han/ Luke/ Leia should be killed off. Think Crazy Bombers post is referring to Snoke/ Phasma… so much build up, so little payoff. particularly with Snoke who is built up as the next Sith Lord


A few things…

I’m not middle aged, a little while away yet. And secondly I have no issue killing off characters if it makes good plot sense or is done well. I thought all the new characters/villains were well set up in the Force Awakens, and I liked Adam Drivers performance and thought Snoke was mysterious and Phasma and co looked like there was plenty of opportunities for a great trilogy. In fact the less of the original crew the better in my opinion if you’re doing a new trilogy. How about getting across a compelling story and a movie with less holes than swiss cheese.

Seems that all the people overly defending the movie have kids that enjoyed the movie so they get a sense of enjoyment through seeing their happiness. That’s fine, but the movie is definitely not aimed at 7 year olds and to pretend it is doesn’t cop out bad story telling and bad plot holes. It’s a movie aimed at adults with kid friendly content every now and again. They’re trying to please basically both and instead messed the movie. If you want a movie of Jar Jar binks’ and crazy hamsters singing then good on them but it doesn’t mean the movie doesn’t stink and doesn’t avoid criticism. The movie is very watchable and I really enjoyed Mark Hamill (even tho he himself hated the way his character was told) but it’s pretty bad when you stand back objectively.


The movie is rated M, there’s not many “kids” movies rated M.


Snoke was hilariously done. Yes, I understand Kylo was supposed to be ‘the’ guy, great, but how about showing some sort of basic character respect or logic for their own universe? Would have helped everyone involved if they developed his character or gave him something. or anything to explain who or what he is. Phasma had about 5 minutes in this movie after she was supposed to be the next Bobba Fett. Could have done anything better with her…nope, killed off in a few minutes.

On a side note, why did Phasma surrender to Han in the first movie if her body armour was lazer repellent? Seriously Rian Johnson paid about as little respect to JJ Abrams movie and their own universe you could imagine. JJ must have been tearing his hair out watching that, killing off his characters and leaving the movie with little place to go for the next. Force Awakens looks a hell of a lot more sillier when you realise the next movie makes it mostly pointless. Rian Johnson did things to look cool and a few surprises but little else. Shirtless scene is already getting mocked.


That’s one of cinema’s more peculiar moments.



Palpatine was such a jerkhole.




It’s funny how a movie can make $800 million in just over a week, and people are trying to argue that it’s a total bust.