Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


All the Tranaformers movies make a ton of money too. Doesn’t mean they are any good.


And yet the movie Kids was itself rated R. Go figure.


I honestly couldn’t stand how Disney handled Luke. I felt like I was just watching another person throughout the film.

Aside from that I didn’t mind it, prob’s give it a 6.5/7 out of 10.

I honestly think Disney should have just made The Thrawn Trilogy/Heir to the Empire.

I mean you have a #1 best seller as a script.


When Luke did the brush off after the laser assault, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. So much for the Jedi being humble and dignified. I was waiting for Taylor Swifts rendition of shake it off to begin.

Took away the whole epic feel to the scene and trivialised it to a school playground disagreement.



Or people just wanted a good film without bad writing, but sure.


Just saw it. Thought it was good fun. Plot holes and all.


I really don’t get where they are going.

  • we now know the republic reformed then collapsed. Snoke too over as supreme leader and called it the First Order. All within life period of Luke, Leia, Han etc. so that’s twice the sith have taken over in their life time after how long of Jedi/Republic rule.

  • the Jedi, in all its history, detailed understanding of the prequel, it’s all gone. Yet we have two supper powerful Jedi-ish players, one semi good and one semi bad.

  • the gap between the original trilogy and TFA is just weird, have they set up another prequel for the cash? Too many unanswered issues and they have killed off too many people and have new ones to make the prequals work. Or maybe they are ok, not sure.

  • the whole keep things secret is becoming tiring after 2 movies. The next one is going to be one big reveal on how they got there and where they go next. Because with Ren in charge TFO are not very powerful, even though the rebel’s are just a few remaining survivors.

  • the whole Jedi thing is just disappointing, it was once great warriors, philosophers and keepers of the galaxy, they they lost to Palapatine and Luke would come to rebuild. Only for it to be complete fisser or cliffhanger. Who knows.

I’m sure their script writing sessions are as all over the shop as my rant.

I’m with others Rougue One was the best of the three new ones, which does not bode well for the future.


They’ve used Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels, which is canon.


Don’t forget the child with the broom…


Age-reversal creams make billions.


“OR maybe we learn that Snoke is actually Darth Plageous the wise and he can come back again and again…”

Wouldn’t that be a hell of a twist? But I don’t believe he can come back from death, I suspect he was able to revive someone from death but not himself come back. Now if he was hiding behind the throne during that battle and came to Snoke’s aid then perhaps that could work.

Also as I said previously I didn’t see TFA till nearly 12 months after its release, but walking around all Target, K-Mart and Biw W I saw all the merchandise and I thought Poe and Rey were going to get it on, after the ending to TLJ, maybe that is a possibility.

I also liked Poe in this one and I don’t think there is much if any similarity between Poe and Han Solo, other than they both were a bit cavalier and flew ships.


I don’t even care about the jedi any more. All about po darien.


If that kid was any good he would have used the force to sweep the floor.



Saw it today and walked in with no expectations. I guess it was ok - walked out a bit meh.


Second viewing today…loved it more. The casino part went a lot quicker and actually felt ok, loved the Yoda/Luke scene…the last 45 mins is brilliant.

So many setup’s for the next film.


Is he a distant relative of Poe Dameron?


Oh no


The Zahn books have pluses (Mara Jade, Leia dealing with being vader’s daughter) and minuses (ysalamiri, too much boring politics and stuff that wouldn’t film well like spy-trees, everyone being written like idiots so that Thrawn looks smarter by comparison) but the brutal fact remains that you simply can’t do the Thrawn trilogy with the original trilogy actors in their 60s and 70s. You could have done something good with those books 15-20 years ago maybe but not now.

A new star wars film series in 2017 simply has to focus on a new main cast. And that means it has to move the old cast on somehow. You can argue about how well or badly TFA and TLJ have done that, but the imperative remains.