Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!



That guy is hilarious. The other guy trying to remain impartial and not p*ss himself is funny too.


OK…saw the film boxing day.
When it finished my thought was to question whether there is a unified story arc that the directors are adhering to. Because I agree with the commentary that The Last Jedi seems to reject the premises set up in The Force Awakens.
I did like most of the humor. I didn’t mind that Rey’s parents weren’t anyone special and I didn’t need to know Snokes back story. I thought the throne room scene (where Rey is interrogated by Snoke) was good. To tell the truth I think the story line would have been better if Rey had accepted Kylo’s proposal.

However, in the end the plot was overly convoluted and poorly written. I hated the Yoda appearance and I thought the whole Laura Dern story line and Casino story line to be unnecessary.

My take in the end is that the franchise has wiped the slate clean in terms of the Jedi and the leadership of both the Rebels and First Orders and the young up and comers are free to make of it what they will. Unfortunately for the franchise the only statesman character left in the story line is dead in real life.


35 minute rant. That is stamina. There is some dark side level rage in that.


What was setup exactly? I thought they killed off most of them.


That was the biggest thing for me. Leaving TFA the first time, you were already excited and looking forward to the new one and where all the different stories would go. After this one- there wasn’t anything exciting to look forward to in the next one


Poe Dameron is the heir apparent, Luke is gone…or is he? Kylo’s endgame, Knights of Ren!! Where are the all Rebels? Rey’s parents!


I still need to re-watch it, but I have it as the distant third of the Disney movies and vying with Attack Of The Clones for overall series nadir in my mind. I fired up Rogue One a couple of nights ago and from the opening scene the contrast was readily apparent.




Poe being heir apparent is the only true set up there? Kylo having an endgame is a fait accompli, so Im discounting that one.

Luke IS gone. Knights of Ren, gone. Rebels, gone/ hiding in that cave. Reys parents, nobodies (as answered in the movie).

What ive learned is to subdue your expectations wildly. Anything that involves fleshing out story or character simply wont happen. Im almost convinced the one good twist in the movie, Snokes death, was simply because they couldnt be ■■■■■■ coming up with a backstory for him.

Upon reflection, I think TLJ could have been a pretty good Star Wars movie. I like how it defies your expectation, but the execution was off. Reckon the whole ‘Luke wanting to kill Kylo in his sleep thing and Rey getting ■■■■■■ at Luke’ could have been played with SO much more than it actually was. Having Rey actually turn to the dark side at the end of this movie would have been fkg awesome. But its Disney.


How much better would Snokes death have been if they’d bothered giving him any proper arc or backstory or gave his character any meaning?


I know this horrible, but I actually preferred that to the movie.


My guess is that the original plan was to cover the background between Snoke and Ren in the next movie. They said a while back that of the original cast, the first film focused on Han, the second on Luke, and the third on Leia. I think they would have gone into the history of Snoke, where he came from, and how he came in contact with young ren then, via Leia’s attempt to talk her son around (or maybe, to give Rey enough info on him to find his weaknesses and defeat him). This film was all Ren going ‘let go of the past’ so I think using the past he’s so afraid of to bring about his downfall would be apt.

If this was the plan though (and i really really hope they were planning to do SOMETHING to explain Snoke etc), I have no idea how much of it survived Fisher’s death. It’d be real hard to do now, and I suspect we’ll see ghost-Luke taking Leia’s place a bit…

(What happened to Lando, anyway?)


As I was watching the film it made me think of the Harry Potter film franchise. Even though there is an underpinning story arc each director added their own touch and in the end caused the series to be uneven.

TLJ is the most pronounced move away from the substance of any of the Star Wars franchise. There will need to be a big pay off in terms of story arc in the last film to make the move in TLJ worth it (IMO)


That was better than the film. And I love the fungus.


No need to have a back story on Snoke and who’s to say they may include it in the next film?


You say no need, I say massive need if there’s to have good storywriting in the movie or any logical story progression. And yeah they might include it in the next film…how is that any sort of defence? I think more likely Rian Johnson just sh*t all over most the characters and wanted to throw in his own Shamalayan twist at the sacrifice of good story telling.

I’m basing the review on the movie, not post released Force Awakens Disney fan book that tells you nothing other than he’s force sensitive, and literally has nothing to do with the movie that was released.

This is what Rian Johnson said about Snoke:
“I don’t want to imply that that’s not interesting, or that’s not cool, or it doesn’t matter. I think, who knows, they might address it in Episode 9. They might address it elsewhere.”

So good on him, he doesn’t really care, it’s not his problem anymore.


In these discussions I can’t ignore the context of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Rogue one had significant reshoots and major editing in post production.

The han solo movie they fired the directors once shooting was virtually complete.

Episode 3 of the trilogy they changed directors after a lot of script writing was done.

That’s 3 out of the 5 movies where creative differences have resulted in drastic reworking of the films. I don’t buy the arguments “it’s for the kids” or “it’s making a billion dollars”. The evidence is showing that something isn’t right behind the scenes and I think it shows in the movies presented so far.


And for the record if Snoke is mentioned in the next film, it’ll only be because JJ Abrahms is trying to mop up the mess he was left with. Force Awakens had it’s flaws but he left the trilogy with so much potential and now it’s been c*cked up with plot holes and continuity errors and not to mention a bunch of his characters killed off (and left with the most unconvincing and widely hated and panned actor in Rose) and will now have to introduce a convulated and silly story to somehow reintroduce him (let me guess, he was actually a force projection and not really dead). Good luck to him mopping this mess up.


thats not backstory at all. its summarising what scant detail there is already in the movies about him.