Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


didn’t say it was


then i got no idea what it actually is haha


Can we all stop saying this sort of stuff? JJ WAS THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ON TLJ YOU NUFFYS


Rian Johnson wrote and directed the movie, JJ had very little input and left everything to Rian Johnson. Basically all he did was give some notes for Johnson but left everything for Johnson to do. You really think he’d come up to Johnson post write and say “nah man, change everything and do it over”

“Rian Johnson [who is currently directing Episode Eight] is brilliant and needs no help from me. As executive producer, I’ve been collaborating with them, but they are obviously doing all of the heavy lifting and it’s very exciting to see what’s going on.”

When asked about whether or not Abrams provided any character input, Johnson explained:

“No, he was really gracious, in just stepping back and giving us a blank slate to work with. The starting point was The Force Awakens script, which is quite a big, expansive, wonderful starting point. In that way, we are drawing directly from his work. But from that point forward it was a blank canvas.”


I loved the original three movies…and that’s where it should have ended.


So, I finally just saw it. Stayed spoiler / discussion / reaction free up to this point. Had no idea what the reaction has been.

Some points, then I’ll read through the thread.

  • i liked it, I didn’t love it, and for a few select moments I hated it.
  • I am assuming that Leia becoming superman is a discussion point… Goodness.
  • I accept that one of the trade off’s with having Disney behind this, is that we get diversity quotas, and cute animal characters that have no plot purpose but are pure marketing devices. (At least they didn’t talk. Jar Jar might have been tolerable if he never spoke) Well, I accept it if the rest of the film is good, which I’m still unsure on.
  • Ah, the old ‘sideways lightsaber to kill the evil sith lord we know nothing about’ trick. Nice.
  • At first, I was like ‘Why is Luke Skywalker such a whiny old prick?’ But then I remembered he was a whiny young prick, so the character was spot on. I quite liked Hamil’s performance, and it was cool to have Luke friggin Skywalker on screen again. And I’m sad he died of over-meditation or spontaneous force combustion, or whatever that was.
  • The attempts at comedy were beyond cringe-worthy.
  • I liked Kylo much more this movie.

I need to watch it again I think.


Saw it again on Sunday, at Imax 3D. Same as the first time, was fun, liked lots of bits, laughed at how bad some bits were!


For a few positives from the trainwreck: I actually thought Porg was cute and surprisingly not overdone, and Mark Hamill’s performance was great and he’s very charasmatic (especially given he hated everything he was made to do). I thought Kyle Ren was the only compelling character and well acted, C3PO/R2 didn’t annoy me like Force Awakens (what happened to C3PO’s red arm). Everything else was balls, from storyline point of views, logic point of views, continuity point of views and a slap in the face to the world created in previous movies.

On another note, how did Rey actually become so amazing so quick? In the first movie I defended her by saying she’d been great with a staff and fought a weakened Kylo, therefore she managed to get the best of him after he’d been shot. In this one she can do everything and anything she wants with nothing more than a 2 minute Rocky esque training montage. Move a ton of huge boulders? Sure, let me move my arm. No training, no effort. Whatever.


I hated this so much.

The fact that Poe is so dreamy and charming is the only reason it didn’t totally derail the first ten minutes.


Saw it last week and agree with the sentiments in the posts immediately above.


  • Hamill: stayed true to character, loved the Yoda interaction
  • Poe: He is almost like Solo-light with his attitude and sarcasm. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Cinematography: loved the use of the entire width of the screen. A perfect example being the pods racing over the salt planet unleashing the red metal/crystal color below. Beautifully done.
  • Technology: I liked how true to the “old” technology they stayed (not much of a choice really)


  • Forced Humor: That “can’t hear you” scene was particularly cringe-worthy
  • Leia flying: Umm, why?
  • The code breaker guy: Unless he has a recurring role of some sort it really was a wasted slot


“Snoke is cool but we need more explanation on him” is how you get the Matrix sequels.

Sometimes it’s better left unsaid.


I don’t think we need to know every last detail on Snoke, but i think if we’re going to understand Ren fully in the final film we’ll need the background on how Snoke turned him (and y’know, why Luke didn’t beat Snoke down as soon as he became aware of his existence).


We’ll find out, but it will be via a novel.

I’d be surprised if he’s anything more than a mention in the next movie.



It is probably what derailed the whole movie for me. I never relaxed and immersed, just got annoyed and snarky from that point on.


farkin porgs.


I thought the prank call was fine,But too long. It fits with the character of Poe Dameron. But the longer it went on, the more it made Hux become a bumbling idiot.


When does an executive producer just sit on his hands and have no input into a movie? Ridiculous.

This trilogy was JJ Abrams’ trilogy. He had the option of directing all three movies. Instead chose to direct the first one, then over see the next 2 movies as Executive Producer. He wrote the plot for the whole trilogy, then he and Kathleen Kennedy hired the next 2 directors.

I’ve heard many people say Rhian Johnson has just gone against the original plot of the trilogy by killing Luke and Snoke. I call a massive bullsh*t to this theory.

If you fall out of line as a Disney director (especially anything to do with Star Wars) you’ll be sacked before you can blink. If Rhian Johnson killed Luke Skywalker and Snoke, when it wasn’t in the origanal trilogy plot for the last Jedi, does anyone honestly think he’d have kept his job?

Not a f*cking chance




There was so much inconsistency between the two films.

In force awakens Luke leaves a map for a force user to find him in a time of need. The second film he is basically go away I don’t want to be found.

Abraham’s built up the significance of lightsaber only to have it literally thrown away at the start of the second.

Hux goes from Nazi to bumbling fool.

Force awakens wasn’t the best film, but Abraham’s went to a lot of effort to set things up to be explored in the trilogy. Rain basically went screw this, through it all out.