Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Yet that exactly what happened in the Empire Strikes back. How many plot holes are in this movie, compared to A New Hope? Yet now we have the hindsight of knowing what happened because of Return of the Jedi and other types of Cannon.

While it’s hilarious that this is even being said, the Last Jedi novel should address a lot of issues regarding what characters were thinking regarding many of the decisions they made. I don’t really care about why holding information from Po.

I know many of the surface level Star Wars fans, who only watch the movies will moan about it. When your talking ‘cannon’ the book should address many of these issues.

I think it’s naive of fans to complain about plot holes and character developments when there is still another movie to come.


Mate, I don’t know why it’s so hard to understand, yes JJ had very, very little input into Last Jedi, from the man HIMSELF. JJ has said this. Unless you’re suggesting JJ is lying about having no input into Last Jedi?

And I don’t know where you’re getting this JJ did everything from? The 3 films were NOT all written by JJ Abrams. This is Disney’s triology not his. He wrote Force Awakens with help, and that’s it. They can’t have been all written by him, there was separate writing processes for each movie, and JJ said HIMSELF that he basically had no input into Episode 8 and let Rian Johnson do what he wanted to. Rian Johnson wrote and directed and basically did everything for Last Jedi. They’re still writing episode 9 now, so no, JJ definitely did not write all 3 movies. In fact the reason they fired Trevorrow as director for Episode 9 was because his writing was apparently bad and he was full of himself going past arrogant and was impossible to work with, and him and Disney just hated each other. Also his bomb movie about ‘Henry’ beforehand didn’t help things in their eyes.

Kathleen Kennedy, thanks to Spielberg’s nomination selected JJ as director for Force Awakens after JJ initally refused but was convinced to do so thanks to his wife. He wasn’t even logically possible fora single director to do all 3 movies, that’s over 6 years straight of continuous shooting and script writing, hence why they announced 3 different directors in the first place. Peter Jackson is one of the few directors to do 3 movies back to back like that and even that was 3 years apart per movie, this was 2 years. He barely wanted to do the first 1 initially.

Your defence of Rian Johnson makes no sense in your context. THE STORIES FOR ALL 3 MOVIES WERE NOT ALL WRITTEN BEFORE FORCE AWAKENS AT THE SAME TIME. JJ wrote Force Awakens with help after going from early draft script ideas (that were mostly tossed out.) Rian Johnson wrote Last Jedi. Trevorrow was writing Episode 9 until recently. So Rian Johnson can’t go against this so called plot that was already written when he wrote the damn movie himself.


Canon is irrelevant to a movie or how they are judged and a very lazy way to write movies (“oh, they’ll explain it in some books later hopefully”. I don’t judge any movie from side books or anything silly like that and nor should anyone.

The original trilogy definitely had minor plot holes but Last Jedi is scene after scene of plot holes, bad writing and character inconsistencies that go against everything that went before it and mind numbingly bad character decisions. And as far as I can remember the original trilogy didn’t include stupid moments like Leia floating from outside space and knocking on the door to get back in and then have them casually open it, or having Rose’s sister who died trying to push the button for the bombs to drop through gravity with NOTHING inbetween her and space. She’s sitting there pressing the button with her half moon thing. I will give them that that hyperspeed into star destroyers looked cool.



They don’t announce a trilogy without a 3 movie plot line.

Especially when same studio has kept a strict MCU plot line for f*cking 17 movies. The writers and directors are not ‘Every man for himself’.

If you honestly think Disney would make a trilogy, that doesn’t have continuity in its plot line and allows directors to go off their leash. Then you need to give up on this new Star Wars and just watch the originals.


OF COURSE Disney would have continuity in their stories, how moronic would you be not to think that? Just like any trilogy would. Directors don’t go off on their own leash, they WRITE THEIR OWN MOVIES and then Disney has ultimate say if they like the script. Obviously. JJ wrote the first, Rian Johnson wrote the second and Trevorrow was writing the 3rd. Seriously just google all this, it’s basic information which can be backed up by facts and quotes from the directors themselves. The directors obviously being smart enough wouldn’t throw in a Kobe Bryant slamdunkfest.

You said it was JJ’s trilogy. Wrong.
You said he wrote all 3 movies. Wrong. They are being written now. Episode 9 is not finished written yet.
JJ had little input into Last Jedi. Rian Johnson wrote it. The facts and quotes are there from the men themselves.
The trilogy has not already been written.

Of course they would announce a triology without 3 movies already being written. It’s ■■■■■■■ star wars. THey bought it for a $Billion. If you think they thought “better think this plot out first before we announce anything” you’re insane. They wanted return from their purchase and got directors to write the fcking movies. It’s not that hard to comprehend.


So I guess ‘why does Ivan hate star wars?’ isn’t a thing any more


The North remembers…




They would of had a general outline for the 3 films. There is no way they would of written all 3 scripts at the same time, as so much stuff can change between films. Audiences might love some characters but can’t stand others.

I think the porgs were really cute

My guess is JJ will make the 3rd one line up a lot more with the first movie and will ignore a lot of the second one( where possible)

You got to hand it to Hamill though, for a guy to hate the way his character was written but to still go out a give the performance he did was top notch

Please JJ bring back some epic lightsaber fights


On second viewing I noticed at least one Puffin they forgot to edit to look like a Porg


Is finishing things off a strength of JJ’s?


Leia didn’t fly, she used the force to pull herself back to the craft. She was floating because she was in space.

Still a ■■■■ scene though!


Fix-ed good sir


Watched again a couple of nights ago, still great. Was able to look at the performances a bit closer without being so taken up with the tension.

Still completely perplexed as to why it’s so polarising.

My Star Wars order of greatness:


Zero tension. Different strokes I guess. Terrible film for mine.


At some point, an iconic film/series needs to grow up and adapt to the current times and technology. The idea of keeping ridiculous concepts, effects and plot holes is a weak and pathetic hankering to a time 40 years ago when all you needed to do to wow a young audience was show them anything to do with space, a few space ships and a gimpy guy in black wearing a mask. Stop hanging on to the past and use your farking huge budgets to create new, ground-breaking and inspiring movies, you wankers. Not farking stuffed toys moving around like they were on a string and making ‘cute’ mewling sounds. WTF is that? Wanna kill someone? Kill that farking stupid camp golden 3CPO who has never added anything to the series. And enough of the stupid R2D2 rubbish - it’s not a farking magician, it’s a little service droid. Keep it’s demeanor and personality, sure - but why make these things look stupid? All great movies have engaging and deep characters. Work on that and save the slapstick. If you’re going to do comedy, get someone who understands it to work for you, instead of using dad jokes you idiots. This whole farking thing started off wrong - planet-sized world destroying weapons ffs. You didn’t have to keep all that rubbish for the old fogies. See how others do it, because all you’re doing is riding the franchise’s coattails until it all collapses.


Any which way you cut it, The Last Jedi has really damaged the Star Wars brand.

I’m not nearly as pumped for IX as I was for TLJ.


Yep, I hate the argument “well Star Wars was flawed so just shut up and don’t criticise the new films”.

Star Wars was made for $10 million and was a genre B grade film, it’s success was not seen beforehand by anyone other than Lucas.

There is no excuse for the new films with a $200 million budget, make them good ffs.


Agreed. Even between Rey and Ren there was no tension… I mean they fought together FFS, good v evil and they even decide to cut out any tension from that too. It’s a bit bewildering. Even how Ren killed Snoke. No tension, no battle, nothing, just irony.

I reckon in ep9 they will kill off Ren in a non-confrontational manner. Guaranteed, he will sacrifice himself for something, or fall off something, or Rey will kill him by surprise. Or he will accidentally kill himself by trying to do something dastardly.


I think everyone would have forgotten about who dies, who did this, who did that if it was actually a great film. People don’t mind new stuff if it great new stuff.

Sadly as a film (regardless of lineage) it’s just a bit ■■■■.