Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Ren dies of cancer.


And the First Order doesn’t have a health plan. Evil ■■■■■■.


“… you were the wind beneath my X-wings”


Did you ever know that you’re my Kylo?


I’m beginning to think that Star Wars is like the Arab Spring. A bunch of oppressed people rise up to overthrow a despotic regime in what seems like a historic moment, but then ■■■■ up by replacing it with a democracy dominated by religious fanatics.


What Pablo links to here was pretty interesting:

Also, I’m wondering what those who didn’t like this movie thought of the prequels (nb this may feel like a trap but it is not one).


It’s a nice read, and being Gen X I’m tempted to flattery. But the ‘Gen X cynic’ in me still says, “what heap of burning trash that movie was”. It also resembled a lot of the blockbusters and, I suppose, young adult films being made now, scattered, edited to the point of incoherence, apparently not interested in dialogue beyond exposition and reliably crap humour. If that’s what it’s about now it’s pretty sad, but each to their own.

I do wonder about the level of independence he really had. And I wish he’d instead made Brick 2, “Pin’s Revenge”.


I so want Rey to join the Empire 2.0.


Like a lot of the explanations, advocacies or justifications for TLJ I have read since I saw it in the theatre it is far more coherent, thoughtful, moving, and enjoyable than the film itself. I’m still waiting for my irritation to fade so I can try and be fair to it when I catch a second viewing, but it is stubbornly sticking around.


Why does blitz hate star wars?


Everyones just contrarian to ivan,


Please hate the next one Ivan.


Finally watched it.

It was solid…but if I was to list some criticisms:

  • It was 30 mins too long…I don’t think adults even have an attention span for that long…trying to run about 4-5 simultaneous story lines is simply too many.
  • CGI is fine for spaceships, but if you employ it on any supposedly living creatures like Snoke, the horse things, etc, it still looks rubbish to me.
  • The last 15 mins had some cringeworthy moments including Finn’s saving plane crash, Luke’s return, and the dialogue about following the crystal fox things out of the cave…groan!


Turn IV and V around and you have it exactly right.


I still chuckle about the scene where like hikes halfway across the island to squeeze some milk from the big slug thing. I guess it’s a throwback to the original movie, but wtf?


I finally watched it last night.
I’m not a Star Wars ‘fanboy’ but generally like the series of movies.

This one was good as far as action scenes but it lacked fine tuning.

I found the jokes were misplaced. The one that worked well with me was when Chewy was about to eat one of those creatures. But that scene went one shot too long.
The pog creatures themselves were fine towards the start but didn’t need to be brought into the battle at the end. Along with all the other jokes, that scene in particular seemed ‘forced’.
I found the humour of Luke asking Rey to reach out was funny but didn’t quite fit in to the moment.

The Leia flying thing was a silly choice. If Jed can fly, then there is no need for ships. Heck, if that’s the case, should a ship runs out of petrol, the jedi can just get you to where you need to go.

As others have mentioned, TFA set up so many potential plot lines (Snook, Reyes parents, lightsaber handed over to Luke) and so much discussion on what could be and it’s like they took all that in and said ‘nice idea, but it’s not relevant’. The setup causing year long discussion is similar to what Game of Thrones has going for it. While not being broadcast, there are theories and discussion carrying it throughout the year until the next release. But the final choice seemed flawed.

I found the best parts of the movie were just a minor tweak away from giving it more suspense. For me the Snook, Rey and Kylo scene was built up so well. It had you wondering if Kylo would save her. But it then gave it away 30 seconds beforehand when you saw the lightsaber shift. You could argue it may have been Rey, but it would have had so much more impact if it was unknown until the back stabbing incident occurred.

We probably don’t need to know Snook’s back story, but it would have added value to his character if we knew how he came about. I thought Vader and the Sith were the last of the jedi. How did Snook get taught the powers?

I liked a few of the moments afterwards where Kylo was saying, let it all die and start again. You could argue that could have gone in an interesting different direction but it wouldn’t have been well received.

The casino side plot was a waste. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did they end up getting the right guy? How did the guy with the red carnation end up in the same jail cell? And it seemed he was there before them, but they were captured in front of him in the casino.

The Laura Dean character was silly. To give her significance, she needed to be in TFA. Or at least show up beside Leia in the first 30mins of the film (maybe it happened but I didn’t notice it).

Luke’s death at the end was a little disappointing. I don’t understand how he was able to project himself to give real dice to Leia but be ‘holographic’ during the battle. Aside from that I felt he needed to die in battle similar to Kenobi. Not ‘peacefully’ because he ran out of energy.

There was a YouTube review where one of the guys said that the Star Wars universe is rather limited and I agree with it. You need actors mimicking Skywalker, Leia, Han Solo and Vader, lightsaber fights, the empire, the rebels, space ships shooting lasers at each other and planets being evaporated. Anything outside of that is a ‘tough sell’ due to the 30 year fandom build up.

I still liked the film because the action scenes were pretty good, but I didn’t love it because the story wasn’t quite there.


Good rundown. What I got most from it though was how much more suitable the names you gave Snoke and the Porgs are. Snook and Pog much more Disney, and would’ve fit both cgi creations better!


The actual Hacker/Red Carnation dude was played by an excellent actor in Justin Theroux. But was just a cameo without a single line of dialogue…yep…not a word…

Once in the cell, conveniently there was another Hacker played by another excellent actor in Benicio Del Toro. Whom did get lines.

Why Benicio Del Toro didn’t just play the original guy in the first place, why the whole scene in the cell was even necessary, why Justin Theroux was not given a character on film longer than 3 seconds, why Justin Theroux didn’t play out the character of the Hacker and use Benicio Del Toro in a totally different role that could of betrayed the hacker, Fynn and useless new love interest, or why the entire Casino plot was even needed let alone the convoluted sub plot of boarding a ship to hack it!

What a [email protected] mess this film was. A pandora’s box of sh|t and sprinkles.


I imagine both those actors had plenty of lines and plenty of footage.

It’s like they film dozens of scenes and then spend most of the time editing. So you end up with many different scenes overlayed on a story, some of which don’t really add anything.

The only time I’ve seen this approach work effectively is with Napoleon Dunamite.


Great movie. Best one of 2017.