Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Yep, only thing that saves the movie is Mark Hamill and Adam Driver. The rest of the movie is a shambles, plot, story and a kick in the nuts tot he logic of every other Star Wars film.


The space battle scenes were the best we’ve ever seen in a Star Wars movie. My Mind was blown with how f*cking good they were.


Pity the rest of the movie sucked. Rogue One’s was easily better, easily.

There were barely any battles in the movie outside of the opening sequence. You had the opening scene with Poe “too small for cannons” stupidity with BB8 doing his stupid “plugging the electrical leaks to make the ship work” crap, and then the “I have to press the thing for the bombs to fall out the bottom of the window” scenes with the bombers. That was basically the entire first scene. although I’ll grant you it was probably the better part of the movie outside the plot holes. It was a good enough start. There were barely any other space battles bar the Dreadnaughts shooting down some ships and the jump to hyperspace kamikazae. Oh and maybe the Tie Fighters shooting down Leia’s hull of her ship (for her to fly back in Mary Poppins style).


Yes, the slow chase scene that lasted an hour was epic. I especially was amazed at the medical frigate running out of fuel, tilting and slowing down where it begins to fall out of the…sky? because, you know…gravity?

Sarcasm aside, Rouge One IMHO was the best space battle by far.


Rogue One copped it for some confusing characters, but the space battle was easily the best in the series, this is some of it, man it rocked. Last Jedi was balls in comparison.



Well, the editing for last Jedi was pox, and Rogue One kinda the same. Just ruined it for me


Nah it was great.


Watched Rogue One again last night as my son hadn’t seen it yet and I figured it was about time (he’s seen all the others, excluding the vomit that was the prequels - never to be seen in my house). It reinforced to me how poor The Last Jedi was.

Also, why didn’t they get Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister) to play Moff Tarkin, rather than do it with CGI? He would have been perfect. And Ben Mendelsohn as Director Krennick was a waaayyyy better character than General Hux.


Agreed on Tarkin. should have been recast. The guy they had voice him and be the body double was actually pretty good. Don’t understand.


Boooooo, Ivan hates Star Wars!


Dunno if that would of worked, I think many people wouldn’t make the connection to the original character and just think he was a different one altogether. Originally Peter Cushing was one of the drawcards of the film along with Sir Alec Guinness. Everyone else was a group of no names. To bring back the great Peter Cushing (albeit via CGI) taps into the folk law of Star Wars imho along with a “wow” of seeing him on the silver screen again.

As excellent Charles Dance is, I don’t think the bulk of the audience would make the immediate connection to Tarkin.


Nah, bit of make-up, copy the hair cut, have people call him “Grand Moff Tarkin” and people would get it. Anyone who didn’t get it probably doesn’t understand where R1 fits in the timeline and is therefore an idiot anyway.

I reckon this:

becomes this very easily:
peter cushing as tarkin in Star wars


That’d be 90% of the general public wouldn’t? :wink:


Wasn’t he the one that had no idea what Game of Thrones was? Probably hasn’t seen Star Wars.


Watched Last Jedi twice. Second time was much better but it still has flaws. I think my overall dislike was I felt strongly the PC messages in certain scenes and I just wanted to watch a fun fantasy film. I am actually quite political myself and I advocate inclusiveness but there was a strong over the top feminist message push to the movie and it was a bit too strong where I was thinking of that and not the story.

It was noted that Rian Johnson didn’t have the Leia flying in space scene and that Kathleen Kennedy pushed it through…that should not happen. Let the Director tell his script so it makes sense to previous movies. Let people escape from real life for 2 hours. It came across forced(pardon punt) that scene


Om a related note, off to see the MSO play Ep IV tonight.


No awakard jokes
No feminst agenda
Respected the source material

Rogue One was great


It was?


Rogue One - Female lead
SW Battlefront 2 - Female lead
The Force Awakens - Femal lead
Last Jedi - Female lead

The sooner Kathleen Kennedy is removed the better screw her and her ‘girl power agenda’