Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


It needed to be what we in the trailer though!

Badass female crim, released to infiltrate the Death Star and steal the plans. Instead it was toned down a bit too much.


I liked Jyn Erso.

Was a huge fan of Rey in TFA but no so much in TLJ

Left the cinema feeling empty with nothing to look foward to in 9 Rian Johnson made a mess and insulted fans in the process.


Fans were insulted by disney execs firing the previous director after filming everything.



Who gives a sh*t.


I like how people say “Disney don;t care about backlash” lols they will care if Solo bombs

That will be 2 Star Wars films that angerd/devided fans Disney can only take so much backlash before they react.

Call me crazy but I found Jumanji more enjoyable then TLJ wouldn’t be saying that 3 months ago lols


I think jonovdp had personal stakes in the movie, really wants it to seen favorably.


must be hard to be a die hard star wars fans and almost all of the movies are trash escept rogue 1.


I am both a Die Hard and a Star Wars fan, as well as Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit. Not many of them were trash, the Russian Die Hard being the main exception in my opinion.


Doesn’t Jumanji feature Karen Gillan in short shorts? Sounds more enjoyable than almost any other movie ever made


I would rather see Jenna Coleman in short shorts, but Karen Gillan is ok by me.



I’ll probably still go see it with my kids, but I’m getting Star Wars fatigue


Yeah I don’t need this…


Karen Gillan alone could lift Jumanji above the crowd, but it was also a well executed movie, unlike TLJ. A lot of fun, and surprisingly moving in one scene. Nothing crazy about that thought Nino, I had almost the exact same one as the credits rolled - though for context I saw Jumanji as a last minute substitute for a second viewing of TLJ.

I’ll go to Solo optimistic simply because I enjoyed Rogue One a lot, and while TFA didn’t rock my world I still enjoyed it.


Looks a lot better than the other crap.
Except for that stupid wookie thing.


star wars is dead. legit.


I like the look and feel but Glover and what’s his name haven’t sold me.

Could have at least tried to get actors that kinda looked like Solo and Lando


who cares? the look and feel and quality of the film is everything, not the ability to find Williams & Ford Jnr.


I think its actually quite major, if you are going to make a movie that depicts someone in their youth, you have to try and get actors that somewhat resemble the people they are depicting, or it can be quite distracting.


Maybe for all the experts here, but I guarantee they will turn out a nice profit all these independent and indie films could only dream about.

I enjoyed Episode 7 and Rogue One was excellent. They were both better than 1 to 3 - which I enjoyed also. The younger generation are enjoying the films and taking them as simple fun entertainment, which is all they were ever meant to be. All of a sudden all the old Star Wars fans have become Cannes Festival movie critics when it comes to Disney and SW. They aren’t those types of movies… I’m sure I’ll tire of them just like JL, Avengers and X-men, but I think if I don’t take them seriously and just enjoy them with my boys who sit in wonder and just enjoy them like I did when I was young, then its enough for me.

I hope Solo is like Rogue One and delivers a fantastic story line with acting to match. It doesn’t have to be Star Warsy, just deliver on these two and I’m sure the special effects will deliver and I’ll be happy.