Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Who did you have in mind?


Spoiler: It’s Star Wars.


I think that teaser is the same one posted as above. From the news reports the Official Trailer was supposed to be released today though.


All of a sudden, I want this to be written/directed by Guy Ritchie


When I first saw the still, I thought it was a soft drink ad. Then a horrible idea jumped in my head for a split second, what if they have done a tie in.


I thought I would be a bit meh about it but the trailer looks ok, I would prefer if the actors looked a bit like the original characters.


I’d be more worried if they’d stuffed up choosing young Chewbacca. I can’t believe the uncanny resemblance. They nailed it.


Try squinting next time. Works for me.

In all honesty, the guy playing Han lacks something for mine. (Based on a one minute trailer. )


Not doing a han origins movie.


I need more guy ritchie films in my life.

make a heist movie
don’t hire guy ritchie


Hopefully Solo quenches my thirst for Star Wars


The the level sourpusses in this forum is now over taking WWE. lol.


the best guy Ritchie films for me are the Sherlock Holmes one’s. Would love them to make a 3rd


It would have to work it hard…


The thirst crusher!


Didn’t see any lightsabers or Jedi at all in that trailer. Looks like this film is going to be light on the Force…

…so you can slam it down fast


Winter is coming…


Please stop.


No issue with more Star Wars films if they do it right. Disney will already know Last Jedi set franchise back a bit whether they agree with criticism or not…numbers and feedback don’t lie and it’s a numbers game. Solo looks like Indiana Jones in space…which is fine by me.


This guy would have been perfect