Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Looks like he’s sitting on something uncomfortable.



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$1.3 billion isn’t a number that is going to have disney execs crying into their fruit loops. That brings the total box office for the 3 films to date to around $4.3 bill which ignores DVD sales, licensing and merch.

I reckon they’ve already broken even on Star wars including the $4b Lucas buy out and all production costs. They’re almost certainly ahead. These films will not lose money. It’s all bank from here on.


Look at the girl with the dragon tattoo vs avengers.

girl with the dragon tattoo was meant to spark an adult franchise, it made almost 234m in global box office.

The Avengers came out a few months later and made 1.5bn.

the girl with the dragon tattoo has been shelved.

Avengers coming out like clockwork.


Article projecting 9bill in revenue for Disney and partners for force awakens (box office, dvd, merch etc)

At a guess Disney would bank in the order of 3b of that.

Doing some calculations on the back of an envelope I reckon they are about $1 billion ahead on this stars wars venture. They ain’t going to stop any time soon


It’s big Mac film making.


And the 6th highest grossing movie of all time.

I’m sure Disney is in panic stations


Kill this franchise.


It will never die now. The youngest person on this forum won’t live to see the last Star Wars movie. Sad but it’s the new reality


While they are still no doubt ahead. They would spend an awful lot of money making each film and then marketing it

The only thing that will hurt them long term is if they have a few stinkers in a row or if people get fatigued by it. If they screw up the Han movie and then they screw up the last film of the newest trilogy- interest might wane pretty heavily.


I was factoring in marketing/production costs but yeah, they could kill the golden goose.

Rogue made just shy of $1b. I’d be very surprised if solo topped that


The Star Wars main story is where they would make their money and also feed momentum into side stories. I would argue execs would be concerned with a 700M drop off from the previous movie. It means many fans have a disconnect with recent film as they are not repeat viewing in cinemas. This will also heavily affect DVD sales. You can see already the Solo project movie is way down in YouTube hits and momentum. Movies will always make money but reputation and forecasted profits would matter to Disney and shareholders etc. Yes it’s not a crisis but they would have hoped momentum was just as strong…and it isn’t.


You make some fair points but I don’t they expected tlj to gross as much as tfa


I think why rogue one was such a success was because it stuck to the source material whilst introducing something new at the same time keeping it fresh.

TFA stuck too much to the source material and was basically a ANH re-imagining.

TLJ just said “what’s a star wars?” and threw the source material out the window.

Disney just needs to find a happy medium and some consistency.


true…but I reckon they would be thinking 300-400M less only


Why was D Vadar seemingly under the control of Grand Moff Tarkin? I understand there has to be a hierarchy but you’d think the bloke who could strangle you from a distance would have superiority over those who couldn’t. For the record, I thought the character of GMT was brilliant and brilliantly portrayed by P Cushing.


100% correct.


I saw this last night and had a good time. Leia floating through space was a bit off, but overall it was a good time. I really liked the way they subverted your expectations by setting up familiar scenarios and then taking them places you didn’t expect.

I have had a great time since then reading through various reviews of over passionate upset fans. My suggestion is that if this movie upsets you enough to go on endless rants, then maybe you should try watching the original trilogy with adult eyes.


I thought it was an abomination. But, to be fair, I’ve been angry with the franchise since spear-wielding teddy-bears were able to defeat a garrison of imperial storm-troopers. They should’ve stopped at Empire.