Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


I think you’ll find it was an entire legion of his best troops rather than just any old garrison.

Fair to say the Empire went full Essington at Endor.


That’s not saying much


They were playing a team outside the 8 and they thought it would all just happen for them.


You’ve been angry ever since then?.. interesting.


Wicket went full Mark McGough


It started like a good story and then about 1/3 of the way into it became a dwindling piece of ■■■■.
Too many scenes with fin and rose not enough “wax on wax off”
How did rey suddenly go from fighting kylo to flying the fulcan with chewy?
Hoth is an ice planet not 1 made with salt so why have the redness on the ground for?
The entire last half of the movie was a laughing stock especially when the Supremo was killed so easily…less effort than fighting a flying sphere with the visor down.
Oh well then…


This is a reasonable point. I think that adults (including myself) need to come to terms with the fact that they are no longer the target market for these movies and adjust their expectations accordingly.


Star Wars has been for kids since ROTJ


The target market for Star Wars is basically everyone on the planet. Arguments along these lines often strike me as rationalisations.


I liked TFA and Rogue One. Didn’t really like this one.

Not because of my expectations, or some misplaced nostalgia or because I’m no longer the target demographic…

I just didn’t really like this one. I’ll hopefully like the next one.


Also, what do people make of Toy Story? Clearly made for kids, enjoyed just as much by adults.

Its a poor rationalisation at that. Just because ‘its for kids’, doesnt mean it has to be ■■■■■.

And I agree, the target market for Star Wars is literally anyone and everyone.


Based on what is this movie made for kids? Because little kids find horrendous plots easier to digest? Because they throw in some occasional penguins that look cute? It’s just things people say because they took their kids with them to the movies and they liked it. It’s not based on literally anything. Just because some kids like the movie doesn’t mean it based on anything.


I liked it and wasn’t being a grinch trying to find plot holes; the movie looked and sounded awesome. Leia flying was great, I thought that should be possible since I saw the first movie back in 1977; if you can move matter then you should be able to fly.

I can’t wait for the Superman vs Rey movie *

*definitely not true


Explaining why you don’t like a movie = rant?



Your post made me throw up in my mouth a little.
I thought I should tell you.



Bwahahaha, I could watch that all day.


No problem. I aim to please.


Watched Rogue One again, and as I was by myself I used the subtitles so I could pick up on a few things. Made a hell of a lot more sense, and probably shows I’m deafer than I thought.

Was actually a great standalone movie in retrospect. There’s the obvious bits that just seem over complex and fortuitous, but in general was great.

Still, must’ve said it a thousand times, but I wished Jyn was as badass as they’d made out in the trailers, but I guess it’s still a ‘kids’ movie.

Or, after all that, maybe it’s just that TLJ makes RO look good.