Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Ultra Blu Ray announced: Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos. So it should make a great test disc for the home theatre system anyway.


This! I am so glad I am not alone!


Hearing Aids are worth it !! Especially at the movies and the ones I got have bluetooth and a neat phone app that means I can turn them off when Mrs Fox gets near, without her knowing.

  • moaning (in alien)


Anyone checking out the Solo movie?

Kids are keen, so I’ll go, but I certainly have Saga fatigue.


I’ll be going and don’t have fatigue.

marvel & DC comics are way further gone than SW


Yep I’m seeing it on Sunday. This will be the place to post thoughts/spoilers etc on the movie. I will change the thread title as well.


not one bit interested. Han Solo is Harrison Ford.

This is tripe.


It looks terrible.


Doctor Who is William Hartnell


Damn straight.


I’ll definitely see Solo.

I’m just not that interested in the stand alone movies tho, when you know there is a certain ending.

Rogue one= the whole crew die and capture the Information to destroy the Death Star.

Solo= Han meets Chewbacca. Han & Lando have a falling out. Han, Chewbacca and Lando all live.

The stories are fun and interesting, but you know what going to happen.


Yep I’ve tapped out. Watched that last trailer and didn’t feel a thing.


Apparantely Lando is pansexual.



“Hello… what have we here?..”


Likes banging aliens and some of them it’s hard to tell what sex they are.


everyones seeing it for Emilia Clarke. be honest.


Best part of Rogue one was the final scene though, just knowing that it was right before the start of A New Hope was pretty exciting.

But Solo is kind of meh. Kids wanna go, and i need to get them out of the house so might as well have a look.


I’ve liked the side movies better so far.

No expectations.

I just watched rogue one and enjoyed the action movie in a Star Wars universe. I’m not sure the trilogies can satisfy me.


What the actual …?

Trying to keep pace with Mr Sulu from Star Trek?