Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Seems like a lot of middle age dudes having a sook about this movie before seeing it.

I can almost guarantee i’ll enjoy this more than The Last Jedi. I’ve watched that movie 10 plus times now (took my kids separately and watched it on international flights to kill time) and the majority of it sucks.

Rogue One was enjoyable and I’m sure this will be too. At least it will be gritty and let’s face it Donald Glover is a ■■■■■■■ star.

There’s plenty of time for ObiWan, Bounty Hunter and KOTOR flicks.

They’ll all come soon enough.


Opening here in Chengdu in a couple of days, l will probably go see it. l have heard good things about it thus far.


The movie was fine.

Nothing more than a fun movie.
I don’t think anything is going to compete with the LastJedi. TLJ is an almost faultless movie, that pulls on emotion and heart strings.

I don’t think these stand alone movies do much to progress the Star Wars story lines other than provide some fun and give some nostalgia.


As above, wasn’t too bad.

Liked the scene where he met Chewie

The actor that played Han wasn’t too bad considering. Managed to pull off some of the mannerisms well enough to be passable.

Lando has some fine threads, but I’m not sure on the pansexual thing, but anyhoow.

The final scene with the link to the prequels was a nice tough. Seeing one of the better characters make a come back could be ok, assuming it’s for the Obi Wan movie.


If you’re talking about DM, he probably won’t be back for the Obi-Wan movie considering what happened to him in Rebels.


Yeah, I guess so. But he has to come back in another movie though?

Maybe they’re doing another solo movie?


I’m guessing that they are planning for a solo sequel. The Darth Maul scene has no reason to be there if there wasn’t a sequel.


Probably more of a payoff to those who watch Rebels


I’ve watched rebels from start to finish. I’ve enjoyed the show.

As it stands, there was absolutely no need to have him in it.


And, do we know if Chewie is make or female?

Could make that shower scene a whole lot more complex.


Went and saw it today. I liked it, it was a fun movie, not one to be analysed and pulled apart. Hi Ivan


I for one quite enjoyed the movie, perhaps expectations were a bit lower this time round.

I liked the story-line being fairly independent of past movies or their scripts which may have left it less open to criticism. It used a general link of the time line of surrounding the card game/falcon and filled it with a love story, start of the rebellion & Han’s smuggler career and a hint of more of what we always wanted to come; DM.

Overall I liked it, wasn’t mind blowing, but I want more. Now I’ve done the solo (pun intended) cinema trip I’ll be going back again with company to indulge without worry of distraction.

Just need to work out which of the organs I have left that I can continue to sell so I can buy more cinema snacks


Watched it at IMAX 3D and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed the movie for what it was… a simple, fun adventure flick. Won’t win any Oscars for screenplay but I came away thinking it had a more of an 80’s style/old school adventure and it grew on me as the film went on. For full disclosure I was not a fan of Last Jedi but this to me brought back the fun aspect of Star Wars… more in the New Hope sense. Chewy was the highlight in the film.


I’m no Star Wars afficianado (I haven’t seen the prequels, or the last movie) but this appeared to be everything a good Star Wars film is, a space Western. Just a fun movie.


Saw it tonight. Thought it was really dull. Very predictable and no real decent humour and no real emotion. Just very formulaic

Only highlights of the movie was Glover as Lando( he nailed it) and some of the chewbacca scenes.


When i saw all the posters with the male lead playing Solo i thought it looked a bit bollywood…

So when i saw it i was really surprised to see that song and dance number with Chewie and solo…
Disney must have put it in to appeal to the sub continent audiences. pretty daring for a SW film.


l saw it 2 nights ago and was pleasantly surprised, much better than l expected it to be, although Thandie Newton was criminally under used. The new Han Solo is not the old Han Solo made younger and that is a reasonable thing. The following article is a lengthy one, but gives some decent insights.

I rate it 8 / 10, which is my pass mark for a decent film, making it a cut above your standard popcorn fodder.


I read the whole article above, fantastic read for those that get through it.


Saw it last night (tight-arse Tuesday, yawl!). It went Ok, I guess. I wasn’t disappointed like I was after TLJ, it was just… Ok. Some of the comedy was a bit forced, but at least we didn’t have anyone milking giant hippo-aliens.

I think I’m over my childhood Star Wars enthusiasm. I’m more interested in the MCU movies nowadays.


I don’t think you get to use the “it’s a nice stand-alone film”. Mate you’re using and basically stealing characters from the originals characters to try and justify another movie, in no way is it a stand-alone film. It’s not independent if every single thing has to be an “ohhhh I member them saying that from New Hope!”.

Dice, Kessell run, gambling, “flyboy”, Millenium Falcon…yay! no one gives a sh*t. Does everything need to be a nerdgasm moment? Does every little moment from the originals have to be retold in a movie? Do we get standlone movies from that fish crab that says “it’s a trap!” now. Good grief.

I just saw it tonight. Man, it’s boring, mostly. Ironically it’s a movie made for nostalgia which is what makes it sh*t and will no doubt cop most of the complaints. Everything has, to, be, explained. The best parts was when they just tried to make it fun, which were a few scattered in. Yeah, we were told how Solo won the Falcon, we don’t NEED to see it.

Give me a good story. A unique story. Not a cash in story. Love watching an actor forcing himself to give a pale imitation of Harrison Ford. Apparently they had to hire an acting coach to help teach him to act like him because he was struggling. They obviously found gold with the robot in Rogue One and tried it again in this one, nah mate, that was sh*t. It was a passable movie, some good bits, I like Donald Glover, but mostly boring with boring characters trying to imitate mannerisms. Emilia Clarke randomly showing up on that ship after 3 years, yeah, get fcked. It was OK but very forgettable. 6/10

Rogue One was miles better, story wise and action wise and plot wise. I look forward to the stand alone Jabba the Hutt prequel and learn the backstory as to how him and the vampire dude met, I reckon there’s a 3 movie story arc just waiting to be told…