Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


They are running out of ideas for new SW films so they will keep going back to the old beloved characters with prequels etc.

Solo hasn’t done that great at the Box Office either. Wonder if people are starting to get SW fatigue or if people just wanted a break after the disappointment of the Last Jedi.

Also didn’t dearth maul die in a phantom menace, yet he was alive here?

There is talk of an obi wan spin-off and a boba fett prequel. Stop living off old characters and create new ones


who cares about the old characters anymore? just flesh the world out for the new ones and stop sacking the director after filming.


And give us the deadpool of star wars.


My brother told me that if you watched the cartoon series the Darth Maul thing made sense


Darth Maul came back in the Clone Wars Cartoon series as well as Rebels. Both are canon


Agree on trying to use the robot as the sassy, rebellious comic relief. Lando getting all teary when it got shot to pieces was laughable.


And THAT’S how Han gets his last name…?! Worst bit of the film for mine.


That’s just dumb. So you have to be a fan of all the star wars cartoons etc so the movies makes sense.


imo it was just odd to do a movie about han solo so far down the track since he was actually relevant?

this movie would have made perfect sense in the late 80s early 90s as a bit of something to tide people over until the prequels, but im just not sure what target market this movie was going for?

younger generation whose first sw movie was the force awakens would only know han as the old dude who got sabered off the bridge by his own son… my generation which grew up with the prequels really dont have too much sentimental attachment to him due to not growing up with him (speaking for myself… honestly id be more inclined to see a movie about jar jar binks than han solo)… and the old people who actually were teens when the original star wars movies came out… i dunno, do you even care?


Yes (sort of).

Thanks for calling me old, BTW. Didn’t think 52 was that old until you said that… :frowning:

Also, if you would really prefer a movie about Jar Jar Binks, well… I think you might be on your own there.


Jar jar is my darkest guilty pleasure.


Since I was a small child, my fascination with starwars was about the Jedi.
Learning about the Jedi is why I was obsessed with the original trilogy, and I enjoyed the story about the Collapse of the Jedi order in the prequels.

Rogue one & Solo didn’t do it for me. I need to have Jedi in my Star Wars movies. They were fine, but didn’t blow me away.

The Force Awakens was pretty good. It didn’t quite offer enough, other than Rey picking up the Force along the way.

The Last Jedi blew me away. I’ve seen it about 7-8 times now and I still get goose bumps with excitement and sadness. Absolutely loved it.


Honestly? For my own part l would be perfectly happy never to hear from Jar Jar Binks again. Vies for most annoying character in a movie, ever.


Pretty honest. I have near to no connection with Han Solo.


I reckon Jono is Last Jedi’s biggest fan I’ve ever seen, never seen a man adore a movie that was absolute tosh in every star wars thread.


You’ll be happy to know he’s pretty much homeless (?) in one of the books which is canon


Poor jar jar


thats darth jarjar to yous.


It was decent enough fun, but ultimately the least compelling of the new Star Wars for me. Not much of it has stuck with me, whereas the other ones I still have quite a strong image of what those films were in my head.


Ive honestly seen it 15 times and I can’t ■■■■■■■ stand it.

It’s so boring. I took my kids separately, then watched it when it came out on download then on a bunch of international flights with work.

I’m legit trying to force myself to like it but there’s not a single scene that pulls me in. Even the Yoda scene feels forced.

You mentioned that it’s the Jedi’s that intrigue you. My gripe outside of the ■■■■ poor forced slap stick humour is we’ve now had close to 5 hours of new saga movies yet there’s basically ■■■■ all Jedi & Sith. They had limitless options and the direction they’ve gone in is just plain borning. The Clone Wars series had so much depth, but these just fall short.

I actually enjoyed Rogue One & Solo. Didn’t love them but enjoyed the ride.