Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


The only scene worth watching was the rebel ship bulldozing the star destroyer at light speed. The rest of it was pus.


Why? I like Last Jedi, but if I didn’t I would have given up at the second watch


There’s something in ever other Star Wars movie, including the sequels that I simply adore. I so easily get lost in the story.

Great escapism.

The Last Jedi leaves me so frustrated and it has nothing to do with what happens with Skywalker. The main characters suck. I can slightly tolerate Kylo, but ■■■■ me Rey, Fin & Poe can eat a ■■■■. There’s nothing interesting about them whatsoever. Hux is a massive ■■■■■, Rose is pathetic, Snoke gets slightly interesting and is killed off.

5 hours of film yet no clarity on who the first order are and why the ■■■■ they are still using storm troopers and flying tie fighters 30+ years after the end of the Empire.