Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


The only scene worth watching was the rebel ship bulldozing the star destroyer at light speed. The rest of it was pus.


Why? I like Last Jedi, but if I didn’t I would have given up at the second watch


There’s something in ever other Star Wars movie, including the sequels that I simply adore. I so easily get lost in the story.

Great escapism.

The Last Jedi leaves me so frustrated and it has nothing to do with what happens with Skywalker. The main characters suck. I can slightly tolerate Kylo, but ■■■■ me Rey, Fin & Poe can eat a ■■■■. There’s nothing interesting about them whatsoever. Hux is a massive ■■■■■, Rose is pathetic, Snoke gets slightly interesting and is killed off.

5 hours of film yet no clarity on who the first order are and why the ■■■■ they are still using storm troopers and flying tie fighters 30+ years after the end of the Empire.


Disney has said they will be doing no more spin-off movies.

They will be focussing on pushing the Star Wars story forward with Episode 9, Benioff and Weiss trilogy and the Rhian Johnson Triology.

IMO should have been this way from the start. Spin-off movies are simply nostalgia movies, to try and keep the 40 & 50 year olds happy.

It’s about time Lucas film had some vision for pushing the Star Wars story forward and stop bringing it back to the original trilogy. They need to try some new things and project the movies towards a vision. There has been too much, 1 step forward & 2 steps back.


which in itself is absolutely farking stupid. hey, you know that deathstar which you had to send a whole fleet of starships to destroy? why not just build an automated lightspeed destroyer whose sole purpose is to collide with the deathstar at lightspeed and blow it to pieces?


And don’t forget the Admiral staying behind on the ship to steer it in a straight line. Couldn’t possibly have used, I dunno, maybe a droid? Or are they only good for comic relief in the new movies?


dont get me started


I was about to post exactly the same thing.



Aren’t they the ones that hate them the most?


Nope. Pulling off the nostalgia of A New Hope.


When people hate a movie you hear about when they enjoyed it without hero worshipping it they’re like 'huh that’s a stupid hate not worth my time" and move on.


good luck with that. The backlash against The Last Jedi was so fierce, wouldn’t surprise me at all if he never gets to make it. Or he will make one, it won’t make much money and they will bring in another director.

Hopefully he makes one, then they bring Abrams in and he can dump all over everything that he set up. Seems only fair


So their reaction to the poor commercial response to one movie is to scale back their plan to only 7 other immediately upcoming movies?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the idea of spinoffs, as long as there’s a good plot idea there to begin with, but ultimately this problem is all on themselves. They’ve oversaturated the marketplace in such a short time that they’ve managed to lose the special event feeling of a new Star Wars movie.

Their probably trying to replicate the Marvel Studios formula but they’re not Marvel, and even they took a long time before they got to the number of annual releases they currently operate at.


The force awakens has got to be one of the most overrated movies in recent history.

The only decent star wars film of the current generation is rogue one, and thats saying something.




Like what? Useless side quests?


$1.4 billion

Yep huge backlash.


A loud backlash by a subsection of over zealous fanbois, who will ultimately still fork over the cash to see it (in some cases multiple times).

Which is exactly the same as every single Star Wars movie after Empire Strikes Back.

Now the prequels, that was genuinely a huge backlash.


I love the prequels.


The triology that caused George Lucas to get chased away from his own movie and a 9 year old child get trolled and bullied to the point his life is now totally f*cked.

Yep, those Star Wars fanboys are quality people.