Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Are you talking about the kid who played Anakin? I don’t know anything about that. What happened?

I do know about Kelly Marie Tran though and the impact the fanbois have had on her. Ever since that movie came out I’ve heard and read some absolutely horrible and completely unfair criticisms and abuse of her. Most of which is tied up to underlying gender and race issues, although in many cases it’s completely blatant too.


No one hates {x} more than {x} fans.

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If it was good it could of made a ton more cash. Seemed to hurt the Box Office for Solo as well.

Yeah i feel for the kid who played young Anakin. Not his fault Lucas is a terrible director. If you have heard what Lucas said about where he wanted to go with another trilogy set after ROTJ, it’s best that it was taken off him


"The Daily Beast previously reported on the strange, disturbing case of Jake Lloyd, the former child star who played Anakin Skywalker in the 1999 Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace: “After his turn in the famously hated first prequel, Lloyd reportedly destroyed all of his Star Wars memorabilia and quit acting—and true to his word, he has not appeared in a film since.”

In 2015, Lloyd was involved in a police chase and subsequent car crash, and was reportedly arrested for reckless driving, failure to stop, resisting arrest and driving without a license. In interviews, he recalled the aftermath of Star Wars as a “living hell.”

Remarkably, Lloyd is not the first actor who resolved to quit the industry after what ought to have been the gig of a lifetime. Hayden Christensen also almost succumbed to the Anakin Skywalker curse, fleeing Hollywood for a farm after starring in the prequels Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith."


Fanbois really are the worst.

I’ve known a number of these hateful nerd types over the years. Not so much the far alt-right types, although unfortunately there a few of those in there, but guys who still go beyond the basic nerd level of caring too much about something and get their prejudices mixed up with their ability to enjoy a simple movie.


Outrageous. It’s not like anyone would do that for things like say … football!


sometimes it’s the same people…


The sequels were always going to redress the original trilogy’s (and the prequels now that I think of it, although my memory of them is pretty hazy and I have no wish to go back to them) ‘No women in space’ issue.
I don’t think they’ve been subtle about it.
That section of internet fans would probably have behaved like ■■■■■ even if they were.

FWIW, I liked that character.
I didn’t like her (what turned out to be) irrelevant side-mission or her stupid death.
But I liked the character and I guess the actor.


She died?


Didn’t she?
I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention.
They both should have died, really.


I know what you mean though.

I was listening to Kevin Smith’s podcast, I think he was saying that there has always been an ‘us vs them’ mentality to any cult in pop culture.

It used to be Star Wars vs Star Trek. Then it became Star Wars vs lord of the rings.
He told a funny story about the geekdom at a comic convention when twighlight was released. The freaks were furious that twighlight was included. He was telling everyone to shut the f*ck up because there were girls attending for the first time!

Anyway, Now everyone loves Star Wars, they’re trying to create ‘real’ Star Wars fans vs Disney Star Wars fans. The freaks are trying to win a battle by trolling anyone associated with Disney Star Wars… actors, directors and Star Wars novel writers.


who Rose or the chick from Jurassic Park?

both characters were pretty annoying.


Rose. Wim just wasn’t paying attention


I think I watched the same one on youtube


Billy Dee Williams looks set to join Episode IX. He’s basically signed Lando’s death warrant in doing so.


I just watched the 1st 5 minutes of Solo. I don’t give a flying ■■■■ for any bad reviews of this movie because for now I think it kicks ■■■!


It didn’t get bad reviews, just a poor box office return ( by Star Wars standards)

Also put the phone away when you’re watching a movie


I put the movie away before I watched the phone.:wink:


Been avoiding this thread till I saw the movie last night.

I think Norm Macdonald said it best, “Critics are calling it everything from “sh/t” to “fuking sh/t””.


It was ok, but i have only really liked Rogue One of the new star wars movies.

Not a fan of the new trillogy ones. Lets see if number 3 can break the mould.