Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


I loved Rogue One. I enjoyed the feel of it, darker, moodier, like Empire. The space battle at the end and the Vader link to A New Hope was epic.

I enjoyed The Force Awakens and liked the new characters despite of some obvious flaws and it basically being copy of A New Hope. I let a lot slide knowing it was trying to reel in a new audience and figured something familiar would appeal to the new and old fans.

But they really sh/t the bed with TLJ. Took George Lucas’s notes and said, thanks, but we know better.
They betrayed the old fans and gave the new fans favoured popcorn, which they ate up like it was a juicy steak. (just as hollywood did for Transformers and every bloody super hero movie of the current age).

They needed the middle film to be the new Empire, that feel (without copying the story like they did with AFA). What we got was seven shades of sh/t.

And then had the nerve to deliver Solo in its current form.

I won’t be spending my hard earned on the final film if that trend continues.

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it took you 4 movies to come to that realisation.

you’ve already justified the next 5.


Yeah the prequels were trash but at least the were cannon, from the mind of the creator. So old Star Wars fans somewhat accepted the storyline and direction. TLJ was an almighty FU to almost everything that was set up before. They will need to swallow their egos, drop the agendas and get back to basics with the next film. But with Kathleen Kennedy still in charge I have zero faith in that happening.


The sequels don’t even feel like Star Wars movies. They are soulless.


The force awakens felt like a proper Star Wars movie

Rogue one felt like a war film set in the Star Wars universe. Plus it had one of the best scenes in Star Wars history.

TLJ- felt like someone who didn’t like Star Wars at all and was trying everything possible to kill the franchise. Just a garbage film from start to end

Solo was a cash grab plain and simple. Done very poorly as well


Force Awakens was fine to rekick the franchise, but The Last Jedi was the biggest trash film of all of them and then only person that legit loves it is that Jono poster.

Han Solo was inoffensive as a stand alone and Rogue One was clearly the best of all the new ones so far.


I really liked TLJ, more than TFA. For a couple of weeks I was sure TLJ was the best of the lot, but I have gone back to ROTJ as my favourite followed by Episode III. I really liked the closure it provided and how Vader went bad (although the cracks were appearing in Episode II). I like how Rogue One added backstory too. TESB is criminally underated.

Also a question to youse guys, does anyone think Palpatine actually created Anakin?

I have not seen it discussed how when he is trying to get Anakin to turn to the dark side (in I think Ep III at the opera thingy) that Darth Plegus could “…even create life” and how he taught his pupil his ability to create and save life and then his pupil killed him in his sleep. I don’t read the comics or the canon stuff so it could be in all that and I don’t know it.

Oh and I just watched Solo for the first time tonight. I did not mind it, I liked it but it did not blow me away. I am interested in the Q’ira-Maul partnership. Perhaps Solo could fit in the time line just before (or during) Episode I as Maul is twice the guy he was by the end of his meeting with Obi-Wan.

I pretty much one SW movie a week during terms and in the school holidays I sometimes watch the whole lot of them because I have a 6yo who is obsessed with Star Wars and the Bombers. We have even watched the 84, 93, 2000 and 85 GF’s (in that order) this last week. I put my foot down and have not watched 65 with him yet.


I thoroughly enjoyed TFA, then thought Rogue One was a profoundly cynical and soulless slog (though I’m aware I’m very much in the minority here).

TLJ is a hard one - after leaving the cinema I was pretty upbeat about it and could kinda see what it was trying to do, but unlike TFA I’ve had zero desire to watch it again, and its flaws stand out more the more I think about it.

I didn’t even bother with Solo. Everything about it screamed ‘worthless spin-off’ from very the first time it was announced.


Horrifically bad movie. It took me more than 4 attempts (not at the cinemas) to get to the end of the movie.


Rogue One would’ve been better if it followed the trailer - bad ■■■ female assassin becomes hero.

And last Jedi - lost me at Luke suckling milk from the teet of a beached whale.


Not a fan of green milk? Prefer your milk blue, huh?


Don’t mind the colour, but warm milk, unpasteurised, straight from the nipple? No thanks. And how did he ever get the milk on tattooine?


Just as nature intended!

I think its Bantha milk from memory.


Hipster sand people…


With their hipster wraps and hipster sandals…


I finally watched Solo. I think CB summed it up for me. Fairly harmless fun. It comes close to its intent of finding and guiding the nascent Han, and has a few moments where that basic pitch nearly transcended itself in a very cool way. I felt (or imagined) I could see the production troubles in the way the film wobbled about in keeping my interest and some of characterisations perhaps wobbled a touch too. Though to be fair to it I was mainly using the film to test out a new room correction software (Dirac Live if anyone cares about that kind of thing - pretty cool, I like it), so I’ll have to watch it again when I’m not distracted by such things and not so worked up by the annoyance of wrangling my laptop into home theatre mode and getting all the software and hdmi jiggeries to play nice. Also watched it during the day and my screen is not an LCD light cannon so in darker scenes I was just thinking “sounds good, can’t see what’s happening”.

A few timeline things don’t quite line up when I think back.

The standalone spinoffs win for me. Rogue One. Solo. They seem to have simple goals in mind, and their flaws seem to matter far less to me.

Disney have too much money invested to trust their talent, that much is obvious.


Rogue One is the best post OT film for mine.
I feel like if that was the only other film made, people would rate it as highly as the other three.
It has its faults, of course. But so do the first three.
Blasphemy: Parts of ESB are a little slow!

Anyway, what I really came in to say is that I can’t see any reason to watch the next Star Wars film.
It all just seems kind of resolved now, or at least resolved enough so that I don’t really care what happens next.
And that’s kind of weird.
Even with Episode III, I felt like, ‘yes, it will probably be pretty dire, but I have to see it to see how it ends.’
And I don’t feel anything like that this time at all.


Finally got around to Solo.

Its a decent enough film. Sure, Han doesn’t really nail Ford’s mannerisms or delivery (most of the time) , Calrissien was too funky for my liking and Darth Mauls presence was jarring (apparently explained in various ‘canon’ but I’ve never been interested). But quite enjoyable overall and a pleasant couple of hours spent.

Agree with Wim, Rogue One is the pick of the film’s post 1983.


I completely disagree about Rogue One.

That storyline was like scrambled eggs and all over the place. The only thing that saved the movie was the 3rd act. Which is literally some of the best action scene’s we’ve seen in Star Wars.

The Last Jedi is my favourite based on the emotional connection I had to many moments in the film. But I think in terms of a solid and consistent movie all the way through, the Force Awakens gets it hands down.


I think there will be a lot of surprises for the new Star Wars tv show, by Jon Favreau.

It’s the first live action tv show, and Disney have pumped 100 million into its budget. We’ll finally get some quality character development across the 10 episode series.

It’s set directly after Return of Jedi and called ‘The Mandalorian’.