Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Less than 300 days til Ep.9 is released yet still no title or teaser trailer.

Just finished watching Rebels. Was okay. Will be interesting if there’s any reference to Ezra or Asokha in this.

Can’t wait to see the new season of Clone Wars. Love that series.


What’s next though?

The not Boba Fett side story, The Mandolorian?

Or one of the saga movies, ep 9?

So she’s to keep up, lucky my kids got great memory


There won’t be.

I’m very cynical about the connection of canon to the movies. It’s been kept to an absolute minimum in the trilogy movies so far… and a couple of little Easter eggs in Rogue One and Solo.

I do enjoy reading the new Canon books… but there simply isn’t enough pay off, for the way the books connect to the movies.

The same with TV. Although they added Saw Gerrera to Rogue One… and Darth Maul to Solo. They have had the opportunity to use more cannon characters in the movies, but instead they create new ones which have similar personalities.

Dave Filloni who is the Show Runner for Clone Wars, Rebels and Resistance is the Executive Producer and director of The Mandalorian. So I’d expect there will be more cross over there.


The Mandalorian apparently drops in October (as long as Disney streaming service has no hick ups). Clone Wars is suppose to be mid 2020.
Episode 9 comes out in December.

Cassian Andor series, Weiss & Benioff trilogy, Rhian Johnson Trilogy, yet to have dates.

Obi Wan Kenobi tv series is rumoured to be announced soon.


Not a chance Rhian ( I almost single handily killed a franchise)Johnson will ever get to actually film one of his films let alone finish a trilogy.

Nobody will go see whatever he puts out under the Star Wars banner after the cluster of TLJ


Yep agree.

If he makes this new trilogy no Star Wars fans will go see it and that’s where Disney will lose money because hard core fans are the ones who will watch the movie multiple times,buy the toys etc,etc.

Disney have lost the hard core fan base with TLJ and now have to win them back with 9.


I think the relative failure of Solo will have a LOT more to do with what happens with Star Wars movies/tv going forward than TLJ did. TLJ still made well over a billion. It is still one of the highest-grossing films ever and it not, in any meaningful sense, a failure, even though is seems to have some vocal detractors (I’m on the fence about it, personally).

I suspect after Solo, Disney will be a bit more cautious about the ‘non-core’ star wars story movies. Which frankly I take as a blessing, I could easily see them trying to spam us with four crappy SW spin offs a year and grinding the franchise into the dirt under sheer weight of repetitive mediocrity and stretching to make films about more and more peripheral characters.

As for trailers and name announcements for ep 9 - if I had to guess, if there isn’t one in the next few weeks probably you’ll be waiting til May. It’s weird to say, but I think the MCU has such a dominant position over Star Wars in the public mind right now that the marketing people won’t want any big SW news to be overshadowed by Avengers Endgame (and possibly by Captain Marvel, if the ticket pre-sales and early reviews are any indication of how that’ll be received)


So? The movies still going to come out in December

I look forward to his trilogy with glee. I can’t wait to see how many billion they make


That’s one huge exaggeration, both regarding Rhian Johnson ‘killing’ Star Wars and ‘everyone’ hating the last Jedi.

I believe many people think that Star Wars fans are sooks, that throw tantrums like a 2 year old, and can’t move on after a movie that don’t like… and can’t understand that many people like a movie which they don’t.


Star Wars lost the so-called ‘hardcore’ fan when they released a movie called The Empire Strikes back.

Then Return of The Jedi…

Then the Prequels. It’s a guarantee ‘Hardcore’ Star Wars fans will continue to stick around and sook about what ever new movie that has been released.


more spin offs less ‘story’.

give me a Poe Dameron story now.


TLJ was an okay film. It had its problems which have been well documented, but it was still an okay film.
It was a terrible second part of a trilogy.
Who are the antagonists now?
There were three and now there’s…a half of one?
sigh Gosh, it’s difficult not to talk about all of the problems with individual characters and stick to plotting.
Are any of the protagonists in any specific danger right now?
What are their goals?
What do they want on a personal level?
Who, specifically, is stopping them?
I honestly have no idea.
Why do we want to see the next film?

I’m not hating on Star Wars. I’m not hardcore at all. I don’t care about the books.
But I agree that TLJ kinda screwed them.


I’d like to watch that, said no one ever.


give us a fresh story, as opposed to continue the butchering of an already ■■■■ space opera?


Yeah for sure, but why Poe? A literal nothing character? Cos Oscar Issac?


they said best pilot since luke, prove it.


A Poe D story at this stage would be the floppiest flop that ever flopped (and I love Issac and the character more generally)


I kinda have to agree. I think plenty of people were interested in the character after TFA, but then TLJ portrayed him as an utterly different and (imho) very unlikeable character.

It’s kinda hard to know who Poe Dameron actually IS right now.


Also the discussion about the last three movies is hilarious.

Put simply:

TFA was a good-ish movie with some issues
R1 was a good-ish movie with some issues
TLJ was a good-ish movie with some issues


I think Disney f*cked up from the very beginning. Many people believed Star Wars would be modelled similar to the way Marvel had all its movies pointed in one direction…which was Infinity Wars and End game.

Star Wars should have had the same plan. All the spin off movies and triology films should have been pointed towards the end of the story, which is episode 9.

I was disappointed with Rogue One because I thought it was going to add to the Story of The new Triolgy. Just Like Captain America or Iron man does for the Avengers.

But Rogue One and Solo were just there to tell their own stories. There was no pay off for seeing them. You dont need to see Solo to know what was going to happen in Episode 9.

The Rumors are the Weiss and Benioff have written a script which will be based in the Old Republic 1000+ year prior to Luke Skywalker.
They need to get away from the original triollogy. And add more Jedi and Sith to the ‘wars’