Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


The problem with TLJ is how Rian destroyed it.

  1. Luke tossing the lightsaber over his shoulder
  2. Luke drinking green milk from an alien teet.
  3. Pokes fun at the force when he’s training Rey
  4. Luke gets bested like nothing against Rey
  5. Didn’t get a back story on who Snoke is just killed him off like nothing.

The list goes on. Don’t care if it made lots of money the bloke took a massive dump on Star Wars.

edit - also Rose is one of the worst characters I’ve seen in a SW film the whole cantoblight scene was unnecessary and stupid.


Disney had no plan or outline when they purchased SW all they cared about is how quickly they can make their money back from their investment.

The Phantom Menace looks like a masterpiece compared to TLJ.


Nah, the recent two have been far more watchable than (particularly) Menace or Clones. Those were rancid pieces of garbage that I’ve refused to watch in their entirety more than once. Sith to a slightly lesser extent, but still largely horrible.
Lucas pooed on his own creation more than anyone else has .


Lol. You obviously haven’t watched the Phantom Menace for a while.

I watched both the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones last weekend. They are soooo bad. The dialogue is awkward. The graphics are like watching a Saturday morning cartoon. And the jokes are ridiculous. I mean watching C3PO lose his head and turn into a Seperatist droid, is just horrible.

The new Disney movies atleast have high production value, quality dialogue and superior actors to the Prequels.


TLJ was always going to make a ton of money, everyone wanted to see the next chapter, but becuase it was so bad I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t go see it multiple times. I think the backlash was felt with Solo.

Be very interesting to see how the next one does.

It’s no coincidence imo that when TLJ had such a fierce backlash that they cancelled quite a few of the spinoffs that they had planned

Phantom menace is a much much better starwars film than TLJ. It’s lightsaber fight and pod race alone beats it by itself




I loved The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

The Last Jedi and Solo not so much.

Disney had something good going with The Force Awakens and they ■■■■■■ it all up with TLJ and Solo


Revenge of The Sith is my favourite from the prequels.


Luke’s character ark was so unrealistic.

Men in their 60’s would never become cynical, grumpy, self-entitled, and escape emotional responsibility for their past mistakes. :laughing:


The prequels had waaaay better light sabre/force battles, too.


I haaaaaaaaaated this.

Make the audience wait two years to see what happens at an epic moment and then laugh in their face for it



“I have the high ground”




That fight is terrible! The ‘peak CGI’ one where he’s 1000 years old but magically starts hopping around like an Energizer Bunny on ice? Shocker


A movie like this please. It’s just a f*cking trailer for a video game.


Well, there’s the arena battle, Darth Maul, Dooku, Greivous…
What have you got from the last two (or three) films?


Tell me about it Rian Johnson is a big troll


Al the light sabre battles from the prequels were all jumpy jumpy ninja garbage.

I quite liked the R-K battle from TFA and even the Snoke battle thing in TLJ to anything from the prequels. They felt more realistic (Star Wars realistic, which is obviously not actually realistic)


The other reason why I thought it was unbelievably stupid is that it actually takes away from the epicness (not a word I know) of the TFA ending when you watch it back again


Surprise for the sake of a surprise to kill off a huge villain without background character explanation…but not Rian Johnson’s problem right?
Princess Leia floating around like Merry Poppins…
Bad guys can’t catch up to the good guys because of…
Poe Dameron prank-calls …
Entire stupid casino plot, talk about a waste of time…
Sacrificing series’ logic for a cool looking shot at the end…
Phasma killed off easily and with no story…

My god, so many stupid things to point out.