Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


Forgot to mention that thanks to TLJ I now know that horse racing is a sin!


What’s this one about?


I’ll put my hand up and say I thought this was funny. Shoot me (I know I’m in the minority)


Leaving aside the variability of Ren’s power throughout the films, the first battle was not good, and had moments of real stupidity.

And the Royal Guard ballet…well, if you like Hill and Spencer fights, I guess that might be okay.


Who are Hill and Spencer? I’m safely assuming old dead dudes



Edit: Spencer died in 2016, Hill’s still alive.


I was just trying to look them up, hadn’t thought about those movies in ages, loved them as a kid.

And yes, some of their fight sequences are better than the last round of SW.


He also he ruined two other plot devices.

  1. Who are Reys’ parents,where did she come from?

  2. No backstory on who this Snoke person is or what his motives were.

You don’t make us fans wait 2 years to find out these things only to ■■■■ in our pockets in the next film.


When Holdo went into hyperpace to sacrifice herself and destroy their ship…looked really cool granted but they’ve dumped on their prior films. So they’re saying that this amazing weapon was literally first thought of at this moment?


There is a deleted scene where Luke was mourning the death of Han.

This would have been a really nice moment but Rian Johnson deleted because of “pacing issues” I mean what’s wrong with this bloke? instead we had to put with this stupid side adventure that Finn and Rose go on in Canto Bight.


That should have been Ackbars moment but instead they killed him off screen.


Ah yes I recall that. And yes I agree


As Mark Hamil pointed out many times in his interviews it’s not his Luke Skywalker it’s Lukes brother Jake hahaha


God bless that Jonovpd poster because he loves this movie and thinks it’s one of the greatest movies ever (he says he watched it 7-8 times when it came out) but TLJ is an abomination, as a movie it’s interesting enough, but in terms of logic I just can’t fathom the story telling. Everything screams about an incompetent director that couldn’t give a fck about anything after his movie or the logic of what came before, so I’m with Mark Hamill, the movie sucked.


Thing that ruins it for me is just the weak as ■■■■ main characters. The recurring cast from the previous films are shadows of their former selves and Poe/ Rei/ Finn/ Kylo Renn are just bland, so so so bland. Even Padme in ep I had more charachter than these 4, and that’s saying things.


That’s what annoyed me too Fin,Rey,Poe,Kylo were all great characters that you cared about in The Force Awakens in TLJ they were like you said bland and boring.


I didnt care about them in the first one either. Finn is a wimp. Poe is a cliche. Ren is a sokn. Rei constantly looks constipated.


I think you are wrong there but each to their own.


I like K-2SO.