Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


someone that read this ■■■■



In TFA I thought Finn was great, very entertaining. Loved the character arc. By the end of TLJ I wanted him to drive into the speeder thing and did.

How can you screw up a character that much.

Wouldn’t sure in the least if in the first 20min of the last one JJ completely throws away everything Rian Johnson did and finishes the story the way he wanted to in the beginning.

So pretty much exactly what rian did to him

And come on who didn’t get a bit excited when they saw Yoda using a light saver in the clone wars!?


Legitimately nobody. It was the coolest thing.


isn’t the clone wars the animated series?


The tossing of the light saber made total sense within the Story, but most people are too filled with hatred to have any understanding.

Let’s go back through history of that lightsaber.

1: the lightsaber that brought the distruction of the entire Republic and Jedi Order.

2: It killed not just Jedi inside the temple, but the children students.

3: it’s the Lightsaber Vader was holding when he pretty much killed Luke’s mother.

4: it’s the Lightsaber that his father owned when he Turned to the Dark side.

5: It’s the Lightsaber that Luke was holding when Vader cut off his hand.

Then some girl turns up and hands it too him, when all he sees is death, destruction and trauma within the Lightsaber.

It makes total sense that the Saber was thrown away, and fits the arch of the story.


And I still think it’s the best Star Wars movie.

Almost faultless, if it wasn’t for the length of the Canto Bight part.


It was executed in almost comical fashion after it was set up to be a massive meaningful moment at the end of the prior film. Did Luke not wanting to train Rei make sense? Yeah sure. Did they execute it well? No it was a slap in the face.


Just like in real life, watching someone crack the sh*ts is hilarious.


Who’s cracking the ■■■■■?


Really even better than New Hope or Empire?

The Last Jedi doesn’t hold a candle to the original trilogy. even Return of Jedi which is the weak film of the three is still better.

I’m sure Rian Johnson is a great director but when it comes to story telling he’s ■■■■■ imo. if Disney wanted him to experiment and make a different SW film then they should have gave him a spin off film to make and not one in the main trilogy.


I just finished watching it again after a big SW marathon.

It’s actually a good film. There are some bits like Luke saying laser sword instead of lightsaber and the Leia using the force bit that I don’t like.

But it hits a lot of emotional key points, particularly toward the end.

I think it’s the weakest of the new 4 films that have come out recent but it is still better than Ep 1 & 2 (which I like).

Solo was underrated.

Rogue One is genuinely outstanding.

Rian Johnson probably was less suited to a sequel than his own trilogy. I think his own trilogy should be pretty good.


Yes. Over takes Empire.

I also like to see Star Wars movies that don’t have an outcome we don’t already know.
The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are the only films since Return of the Jedi when you can watch a movie and not know if the characters will live or die. Or where the movie will end up.

Im sick of watching Star Wars movies which are stuck between The timeline of existing movies. we pretty much know the main plot of the movie as soon as they announce it.


Oh boy.


Yes because the plot of the Star Wars movies entirely consists of who is going to live and die.


Not sure we should be getting our knickers twisted because some posters prefer a flawed SciFi soap opera over another flawed SciFi soap opera.

If someone thinks TLJ is the best of series, no skin off my nose. Or likes the prequels? Fine. Enjoy.

I’m interested in where Ep 9 goes. But I decided long ago that the magic of these films when I was a kid probably isn’t retrievable, irrespective of the story line. So I just watch them for what they are and decide whether or not I’d bother watching them again.

Your mileage may vary, but Empire lives in my memory as the best of them, narrowly over Last Hope. But that was probably my life circumstances as much as anything. It felt like those films changed everything. Unrealistic for the others - especially as I got older - to be likewise. So, whatever. I doubt I’m the target audience these days. But for whatever reason, whatever it’s indicating - and there’s likely a myriad of factors - , my kids haven’t loved any of the prequels or later like I loved the first three.

The first of the prequels outraged me. For so many reasons that I could go on and on about, but fundamentally probably because it clashed with my perceived “ownership” of Star Wars. Hey, I got in on the ground floor, right? My gen own this thing, right? The next two depressed me as I realised that it was no longer my view of the SW universe. Now I just accept it . I’m ok with Star Wars not being what I thought it should be.

Because I’m now more like Freeman’s character in Shawshank, knowing that the kid who went to see ESB with his dad is no longer the same person who took his son to see TLJ. That’s just how it is. And there’s something else - ESB had an external excitement and allure that worked in its favour, but only at that specific time - which was the sheer anticipation and groundswell that Star Wars carried through the late 70’s. Today, you can watch the film but you can’t live the moment, can’t recall the smell of opening a new Star Wars figure, the awe of Santa bringing you a Hoth Tauntaun, unless you were there at the time. And you can probably extend all this even further beyond the viewers- you may dig up the screenwriters, directors etc from ESB to work on the new films, but after 35 years are they really the same people living the same life? Probably not.

Hopefully, everyone gets some magic from something that stays with them forever. That’s why we love films and or storytelling. I really hope there are people out there - probably now early 20’s - who think back “remember when we queued up for Phantom Menace with Dad, how epic was that!? The pod race, Maul, Kenobi, so awesome”. I may not agree technically but I can certainly relate to the enthusiasm.

The only ownership we truly have over any of these things is our internal interpretation/recall of them, and it’s possibly instructive of the perils facing movie series that for me, Lucas had a strong hand in both the best and worst films of the entire franchise. But there are problems and cringeworthy moments in pretty much every film in the SW universe if you start looking closely.

The Lord of The Rings franchise is a similar case for me, except that the film’s compete against my visualisation of Middle Earth from the books. It was impossible for Jackson to match my emotional feel of the world, though he did a very good job of consistency across the three films. The Hobbit, not so much. Whereas I’ve never read a Harry Potter so the film’s can be whatever they want for me, but not for my kids. It’s all perspective.

Here’s hoping EP 9 is great viewing.


What a disgraceful post. You obviously know nothing, Yoda Fett.


Watching grown adults complain about family sci fi adventure movies as if they’re actually a serious matter is highly entertaining.

Complaining about how the second movie ruined the third movie before its even finished though is just nonsense. As is the idea that everyone involved in the new trilogy as a whole just let Rian Johnson come in and completely ruin all their plans for the series, as if he was just flying along without any supervision or input from conception to release, despite it being a multi hundred million dollar production by the biggest studio in the world. Especially when they’ve committed to a new trilogy for Johnson after it’s release


Except that of the five movies so far, 3 of them have involved the director being fired before completion. I don’t have much faith that the studio has any idea what they are doing.


I have no idea what the final chapter in the trilogy will be about.
I think that’s a valid criticism.
Return of the Jedi was always going to be about Luke facing his destiny.
Revenge of the Sith was always going to be about Anakin’s transformation into Vader.
To take a little more offbeat comparison, you know what the final season of Thrones is going to be about.

I guess there’ll be a third showdown between Ren and Rey, but I don’t know why.
Because…they’re in love now?
Finn has already had his?
Poe? What’s the point of him now?


I’ll qoute this whenever you decide to ■■■■■ about something football related.