Star Wars,Han Solo spoilers included!


The big question is will he actually get to finish his supposed new trilogy. If he gets the chance to even film the first one I will be downright staggered

Just becuase they choose to go with a director doesn’t mean they will stick with them when there are supposed problems


Thing is this sequel trilogy is part of the Skywalker saga if they wanted to go in a new direction should have waited till the conclusion of 9.

It’s like Lucas said all those years ago “Star Wars is like poetry it rhymes” The Last Jedi doesn’t rhyme with TFA.



I’m not sure that the biggest football tragics have anything on Star Wars fans


This is amazing. Has me pumped for Ep 9 now.


I actually would. I loved him in TLJ, I never really loved Han or Luke but Poe is so much more enjoyable for me. Reckon he and Rey will get it on and/or be involved in an awkward love triangle with Ren. That does not particularly bother me, but I would rather Rey and Poe hooked up than Rey and Ren.

As for the discussion on the laser sword battles. The first few minutes of Anakin and Obi Wan are intense and so fast. It is a fanciful but incredible, even epic sequence (the whole battle). Climbing those mining things in the molten metal river is unbelivable yet amazing. I watch a couple of SW movies a week but that may slow down once the footy season is up and running. My son is an obsessed 6 year old who until a few months ago insisted we re-enacted all the lightsaber battles as we were watching them.

TLJ to me had a lot of twists, Snoke dying was unexpected, not unpleasant (it was more a WTF? moment when I saw it). I think Rey’s lineage will be anything but ordinary I don’t take the view that they were “filthy junk traders who sold her for drinking money”, in fact I liken her pursuit of her parents to when Luke goes in to the cave in ESB and cuts off Vader’s head only to see his own face, so did Rey see her own reflection in TLJ when she hoped she would get some idea about her parents.

Anyway we will see, but I for one did not/have not thrown my toys out of the cot because Luke threw his lightsaber, was cynical about the force and thus was reluctant to take on training a new jedi or that he drank green milk.

By the way, I think The Phantom Menace is so much poorer than any other SW movie and Episode II is not much better. Although I do appreciate the fleeting glimpse of sideboob on the lady in the white dress when Anakin is going up the stairs to meet Chancellor Palpatine at Cirque de Soliel.


Weren’t Rogue One and Solo always marketed as stand alones? I am almost certain that was the case with Rogue One. I did like how Solo did explain how Han acquired the Falcon, I mean most of us old enough to have been kids for the original movies knew he won it in a card game, and those really immersed in SW probably knew it was off Lando, but I thought to actually see how it played out and how he took Lando’s card was great. Not to mention the way Han “greeted” Lando upon his return when he won the Falcon and how Land reciprocated when Han landed the Falcon on Bespin.

Also seeing the trick with the rock/thermal detanator and how Leia used a similar strategy in ROTJ was also kind of cool -for me anyway.

I have almost zero interest in the Marvel franchises so I have no idea about Captain America or Iron Man adding to the story of the Avengers, but to expect that Solo or “Rogue One” would add to the new trilogy seems about as laugable as anything I have read in this thread, other than the ongoing significance of the sacrifice of the crew of Rogue One on the raid on the Death Star etc. And the reference to the snow speeder “Rogue Two” in ESB.




Fared better than most of the Troopers from the movies.


When we wake up tomorrow morning, there will be the first movie trailer for Episode 9.


I’m sure it’ll be universally praised



It’ll take a miracle to undo the utter trainwreck that was Episode 8.


Green amphibious mammalian breast milk, straight from the teet didn’t do it for you?


I think it was the “not-a-jedi” surviving the vacuum of space by doing her best Mary Poppins impression that swung me over


Give it a rest


Lol, seriously though!

Can’t throw Snook down the shaft!


She was always had the force.

Most disappointing thing about the latest two movies IMO.


At least it only went a few minutes (from memory). The worst part was that whole story arc where they left the main ship to go find the safe cracker/arms dealer at the casino. WTF was with that?


I had erased that from my memory



Looks good! It’s not the last one is it?