Star Wars - The Book of Boba Fett (spoilers)

how good was skarsgard?

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Another great ep.

I think there’s a second series? Would explain why it’s not looking ready to wrap up just yet.

there will be 2, then the guy running it is leaving disney/starwars

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Now that’s a weapon!

Torn after Andor.

It’s really drawn me in, so I’d almost rather have the series finish entirely, rather than wait until next season.

That being said. The last episode was great. Culmination of all the main protagonists in the one locations. With anything being possible.

I wonder what they edited out? As there was some very intense female to female ‘energy’, which never progressed. And then the final scene, it just looked like an alternate ending that wasn’t perfect. And it annoyed me way too much when he told them how to escape ‘fly low until you’re over the water’ but they didnt, they flew high straight away…

Still it’s been a great series. The sets, dialogue, landscapes, cast, storyline’s have all been top shelf.