Stars on the wane in 2018

Key players who have been thorns in our side for years are now hitting 30 and their teams have depended on them for a long time, but must surely start/continue to wane in 2018.

Pendlebury, 30, peaked 3 years ago, but his decline has flattened out this year.

Josh Kennedy ( Swans) hits 30 next year.peaked in 2016, but spoiled the party for us in the final. Swans depend on him a lot.

Franklin. hits 31 next year. Surely cannot keep on performing at the level for ever?

Selwood. hits 30 next year but peaked in 2014.

Burgoyne, 35 but playing better than ever. is currently the best small defender in the AFL. Amazing.

Goldstein. 30. Probably cooked eve now

Eddie Betts. 32 Like a bottle of Grange. Still playing well, but there are signs the amount of opportunty he gets is masking a decline this year.

Jones, Melb. 30 Melbourne have a ready made replacement.

Josh Kennedy, ( WCE) 31. Playing better than ever. No sign of a drop off yet.

Sam Mitchell. 36 Peaked in 2014 Great to see the end of this a-hole

Ablett 34. Peaked in 2014.

Mummy 32 Physically cooked.

Jacobs. 30 (AC) 47 hitouts in the granny. Peaked in 2015

Edwards ( Richmond) 30. Peaked in 2016

Westoff 32. Still playing at a decent level.

Martin ( BL) 32 still playing at a decent level.

Mundy 33, peaked in 2016

Douglas ( AC) 33 peaked in 2013

Boak ( PA) 30 peaked in 2014

Hawkins 30 Dinosaur.

Lewis 32 ( Melb) Peaked in 2014.

Question is, which sides will drop off in 2018 because of key players getting too old and not having good replacements.

I am thinking Adelaide, West Coast , Geelong and Hawthorn.

What about us?

Watson, Kelly, Stanton and Goddard.

Hawkins is 30 already?? Far out.

PP2 I have some news you are not going to like regarding Jobe, JK and Brent Stanton.


I dont see the point of this thread

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I feel like Richard Douglas has been playing for as long as I have been alive.


I know right?

Maybe it’s just because his name sounds old.

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Like “Remember the '93 prelim where we came back from 42 points down? Richard Douglas was quiet that day”


Go back to the pointless Stringer thread then and join the endless speculative posting in there.

I remember when Richard Douglas hit Scott Hodges on the chest to set up Adelaide’s first ever goal.


He was pivotal in 1997 though, his run in the second half got them over the Saints.

Still wouldn’t have played as long as fletch.

who said I ever left the pointless Stringer thread:roll_eyes:

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Is that “the” Black Douglas? Why i remember him taking it up to the English in attack back in 1307.

Has a scotch named after him to, ya know?!!!

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Pendles will not be as effective, definite signs he is slipping.

Correct. The Scud missile Eddie Hocking ran around the man on the mark and hand balled it to Douglas who hit up Big Scotty Hodges.

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Hawkins by the end of next season will be playing in the VFL. Looked cooked this year

Westhoff is 32?

By the way what ever happened to Schultz from Port, is he still playing?

Josh Kennedy (WC) is 31? Seems like only yesterday the Fark Carlton trade out a promising KPF for Judd. That turned out well for FC.

Honestly, Nathan Jones deserves some sort of success. That game in 2013 where we gave them an absolute flogging, he did not stop trying nor putting his head over the footy.

A lot of respect for any player willing to do that.

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