State of Origin - Bushfire Relief Game Squads

Well done to Adam Saad, only EFC player.

**Please don’t get injured.


Melbourne taking the ■■■■.
No Josh Kennedy?
Walker seems a bit of SA tokenism.

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Smith Harris Jetta
Johansson Howe Laird

Hill Fyfe yeo
Grundy Neale coniglio

Zorko Walker Walters
cameron Hawkins Riewoldt


Haynes Blicavs Sicily
Houli moore Saad

Kelly Pendlebury whitfield
Martin Martin Bont

Dangerfield Cameron papley
Gray Lynch green

Bench blah blah blah


The Vic midfield is outrageous


We can pretend to be happy because of the lack of injury potential, but really, it’s pretty embarrassing that we have only one player across both squads.


Tippa plays if not injured and probably Merrett, Hurley over Blicavs as well potentially.

Wonder if players will drop out?

I mean statistically we should only have two (and a bit) players across the two squads.
If Tippa were fit I’d have him, and if Daniher were fit and in form I’d have him as well.

I’m rapt for Saad.

Edit: Like I said, could be worse. Your only rep could be Jetta.


Houli and Saad overlapping with Kelly and Whitfield will be fun

I’ll have the other one, thanks.

It’s good but not Vic good IMO, and this is without Gawn.

Upset for Sam Draper


I thought 2x27=3x18

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■■■■ off Sidebottom.

Seagulling in a state of orgin game! Im going to the game just to throw nuggs at the ■■■■.


Where’s 2 METER PETER?

■■■■ this game!

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Quite right.
I was thinking 44, not 54.

Maybe this is why we had so many players on the injury list and Tippa happened to get a calf recently

Thought Shiel might have been selected as he has started the preseason well.
Tippa if not injured could have been there.
Seems to be some talent on both teams though.

not sure who would take out for Shiel, - Sloane/Pendelbury and Cunnignton is probably a little inside mid heavy though and shiel could have offered something different to sloane or Cunnington…

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Not accurate - we were required to put forward a list of available players for the coaches to select from. And that list wasn’t to include any injured players.

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especially when hurley said in his press conference a week or so ago that he was keen to play in it.