State of Origin Match Thread

Screw the All Stars. Come at me @Diggers

Mon the Big V.



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I hope your self esteem isn’t reliant on the Vics getting up tonight because if it is, you’d best organise counseling before the game starts.

Where’s WA’s stand alone team?

Were is the teams?

Think there’s been changes to that but cbf looking

I’m going to watch because it’s for an important cause, and because SOO is always worth watching.

I’m on board @scotty21 don’t listen to the haters

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That big V <3

All I’m hoping is that Saad doesn’t get injured, and that lots of money is raised. Really not fussed about the scoreboard.


Tippa should be out there.

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Victoria can win but Sidebottom can ■■■■ off

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Saad starts on the bench

Saady now on the ground

Tuned in.
Opposition players hugging and laughing.
Bright orange footy.

I’m out.

Dimma getting out coached by Horse

Saad not so good. Was nowhere near Cameron there

Vics haven’t showed up.

Was there a second side?

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