Stephen Dank shot (in July of 2016)

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Quit et you lot.

The lengths the AFL will go to to cover up the Bock case.

BREAKING NEWS: Stephen Dank has been shot at in his own home. Several shots fired. One grazed his head.

Cue Caro demanding Hird provide an alibi in 3, 2, 1…

Wtf? Wow.
Gangland links?
Disaffected essendon supporter?

Men in black???

Sports scientist Stephen Dank has suffered a graze to his forehead after shots were fired into a Melbourne home.

The 52-year-old was in the Ascot Vale house with one other person when the shots were fired about 2.20am, police said.

The other person in the home was not injured.

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I wonder why Dank didn’t have any receipts from his supplement suppliers?

That is ridiculous. Does he have a family?

Could have been literally anyone.

In the words if Harry “Breaker” Morant “shoot straight ya bastards!”

That front fence and locking gate could only keep out vertically challenged pigmies and trick or treating kids…


I hope like hell that we are dealing with organised crime here and not just some ■■■■■■ off footy supporter who has had enough.

That is ridiculous. Does he have a family?
I think he was born and raised by a pack of dobermans in a cemetery actually

Oh man, I didn’t see this thread when I posted this story in the main saga thread.

■■■■’s getting real now…

Stephen Dank shot, former Essendon sports scientist suffers grazed forehead in Melbourne

Stephen Dank has been injured after shots were fired into a home at Ascot Vale in Melbourne.

The controversial sports scientist was at the centre of the Essendon football club’s supplements program which left the Bombers mired in a doping scandal.

A Victoria Police statement said several shots were fired at the front of the house at 2:30am. Dank suffered a graze injury to his forehead.

Dank, 52, was taken to hospital as a crime scene was established at his house. Another person home at the time was not hurt.

He was handed a lifetime ban from working in the AFL by the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal last year.

Most recently, Dank claimed he supplied former Gold Coast Suns star Nathan Bock with a prohibited peptide after Bock was cleared of doping by the Australian Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

More to come.

My 2 cents. All comments on this should be kept in the sorry saga thread

Who does Michael Diamond go for?

I think all blitzers should be providing alibis…