Stewart Crameri



If Stewart whilst training with our suspended 12 realises it’s the bombers he wants to be with in 2017, would you welcome him back with open arms?

There’s lots to consider here, age, dollars, form, position, etc etc, but in a word, yes or no?

For me…


Bulldogs a successful club? Ok then.
They were in preliminary finals just before the last time we were (1998 vs. 2001), have made a preliminary finals since then, and look like they'll have another set now. I know most measure success only by premierships, but that is three sets of years they have got/will get into the frame via a preliminary final compared to our one over the last 20 years.


Bulldogs a successful club? Ok then.


Only for the grog squad song.






One for the coaches, et al.

I’m not fussed either way, but I don’t think they’d be all that keen.


Absolutely yes.


Absolutely Yes. He left on good terms. He stood by his former club through the drama despite his new boss wanting him to do the opposite.

And he can play. He’s the forward player we’re lacking right now.

Open arms.


Not what we need anymore.

Not what we need anymore.
Footscray finally made him into a midfielder?!?


Trade him back for Cooney?




Yes. Partly because I loved it when he played for us and partly because his mum is a pretty awesome person.


Yep, without doubt.

Would help us enormously.




Not worth the draft pick we’d have to give up.


Kicks goals.


Definitely. Experienced goal kicking 3rd tall fwd we don’t have. Although Brown doing well. And Francis has potential to.

How good would it look to have a player who left during the start of the saga and involved in it want to come back also.

I was spewin’ we lost him in first place.

Could be Trent Croad esque. Hawks ended up with Hodge and got Croad back for very little who played in a flag.

We lose Crameri. Land Zerrett. Then get Crameri back for not much. Flag!

Kpf setup. Hooker, Crameri, Daniher (f/r)