Stewart Crameri





For some reason I thought Crameri’s injury cane around mid season, my mistake

I don’t see why they would be looking to move him on if they didn’t think he was cooked then


The Bulldogs quest for a key forward:

  1. Stewie: not really quite KPF size, suspended and injured and now on the outer.
  2. Tom Boyd 1million p.a. playing VFL - but he did play well in a GF.
  3. Travis Cloke in the side, but this is indicative of how they are travelling.
  4. Jack Redpath a mature ager at pick 62 in the 2012 Rookie Draft, probably the pick of the bunch. Injured or suspended at the wrong times though.


Nope. Crammer’s time has come and gone. Wanted the $$$… didn’t stand in his way, He made his bed, and we have no obligation to prolong a career that is past its Use By date.


If he was out of contract for the 2017 season then yes I’d say the club out of good will should have taken him back

Now though we need to move on and do what is best for the club

And that means a big NO to Crameri


Broke my heart. He can ■■■■ off to the VFL.


I know he left and I know he might not be the player we are crying out for now. But Stew has to be one of my favourite players who left for another team. He didn’t spit the dummy and he stuck with the 34. He brought Peter Gordon some way around to our position, I think the first team president to do so. Gordon had been a lead attack dog of the presidential pack, almost totally reliant on their AFL handlers. And we got to hear from Arcadian!


Wasn’t he playing midfield with the doggies or being trained up to play midfield? Could be a handy acquisition.


Rookie spot?


It is sad to see how this has all ended up for him.


I cant see us wanting Crameri back.
We need to develop Laverde/Langford/Stewart






He had a hip problem all year
Went in for surgery to fix it because it wasn’t getting better


Dogs now targeting Schoenmakers apparently

When your trying to oust Crameri and bring him in you know the Stew is cooked! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Too old, too injury prone, too much young players filling his role now.

Unlikely but if he’s willing to take a rookie spot and force his way into the team with outstanding form then i’m for it.


Can’t believe this thread has any life in it.


So now were using rookie spots to ‘remain friends’ with other teams exes.

How about we use them to bring in blokes who show a bit in the minor leagues in the hope that with a year in the system they can force their way into the team and onto the list.


Geez, said in jest, lighten up.