Stewart Crameri


would rather Smack


Nah. At least Stewie can fill a need. Smack won’t get in unless we have an injury crisis.






Leuenbergers career has been cruelled by injury. He has no mobility and is always seemly one contest away from an injury IMV.
I’d place him in the same list as M Allen, Giles, Salmon mk2 as recruitments that haven’t really paid off.


Lol come on we only have one other ruck option who is fairly injury prone himself, he’s a back up ruck option we got for almost nothing? Would you prefer him to not be on the list and for bellchambers back up to be Hooker


He’s not want.


He’s page not found?


Thankyou for allowing sanity to prevail


Buy 1 - Get One Free?


If Springer’s preference to come to us is because of Crameri, then I have no problem taking Crameri.
But he doesn’t get promised a best 22 spot nor a spot in our midfield rotation. He has to earn it just like everyone else at the club.


We do have this years and next years first round draft picks to play with.

Optimistically they could be individually traded for two good midfielders.


Stringer = Paul Connors
Stewie = Paul Connors.

hmm. " I can get Stringer to you if you can find a couple of years for Stewart". ??

I agree with Fog’s post from earlier. Yes, I’d happily have him back at the club for a few reasons. But he may find himself playing a fair bit of 2nds footy given our forward structure and competition from Langford, Laverde etc. I’m not sure we’d be the best option for him atm.


Langford is being groomed to replaced Jobes role and I’d imagine the club had planned to see Lav play more midfield time this year before the ankle injury.

We’ll have a turn over of staff at seasons end and people will ask where does stewie fit into that. Well I’m predicting at least 5 players will go, three of those (watson, stants and kelly) are nearly 1000 games of experience.

So that also means we’ll have at least 5 picks in the draft, a draft that experts say is fairly shallow after the second round. Is stewie better than what we may select at pick 4 or 5, I think so.

Losing so much experience at years end, I think if somehow we got Stringer and Stewie in as steak knifes, it’d eleviate some of the experience lost. He may not be first picked every week, but he could fill a stevie j, stewie dew type role for us.


It would be a brilliant PR move.


It certainly would, a big FU to the media.

Also, with Hooker not in tonight, how would we have loved to bring him in right now. He’d tear up the SCG.


So, the question is: who would be better for us - Stewart or Stewart?


I would be 100% shocked if the Club were interested in Crameri.


Left the club for $ now talk of him coming back.
No thanks.


If we had Crameri we would have beat Sydney :joy: