Stewart Crameri


We can also find a spot for Josh Kelly!


Not coming back


can’t see it happening.


Incorrect. Left the club for more midfield time.


Cgates, you make a lot of definitive statements, I assume this is because you have a source within the club? Not having a crack in any way, just curious.


You know this, how?..You are wrong that’s not the reason he left and there’s more to it than money.


No. Club have no interest at all.


From memory when he left the club he wouldn’t even return calls to Bomber, nope he made his bed.


I just think he is cooked. Like most of the guys who have a year put of the game.

Its such a long way back. Stringer is a better bet.

Would love two stewys at essendon. But I think past it


This is the guy who stayed on the rookie list an extra year to help out our list management.

That said, I’m not really keen on bringing him back.


Cgates only posts 2 things really.

dodoro #1
■■■■ assistant coaches.

whether he’s info connected i have nfi, but its amusing.


A big NO


Geez, there’s some revisionism going on in here… All this talk of him leaving out of anti-Essendon sentiment is just utter crap.

Crameri was made a huge offer by the Bulldogs, pure and simple - one that we had no hope of matching. Would I leave my current job for double my salary (maybe even more) - Ken Oath I would!

Did we receive unders for him at the time? Damn right we did, but that’s hardly Stewart’s fault…

Should we take him back? If it was a free-hit (i.e. little cost) and we were guaranteed the same player from 4-5 years ago - absolutely! Sadly, by virtue of his injuries alone I doubt that would be the case. This is where it begins and ends for me.

But please don’t go making ■■■■ up to suit your own narrative.


The only reason to not want Crameri is if you think he adds nothing to our forward line. ATM where saturated in those not quite kpp height medium talls. So it’s a pass from mine.


Would only take Stewie as a DFA.
doesnt really fit our needs. - Lav, Lang, francis, Stewart, Stringer

would suit - Blues - Pies, Lions Saints more IMHO. Even Cats if they lose Menzel


That and the fact that he’s played 2 games in the past two seasons and will be 30 late next year.

Obviously last year wasn’t his fault but the time out means we really don’t know what level he’s at.


but it would be reasonable to assume he’s about as cooked as Hocking, Howlett, and Myers


Stringer? A little soon. What are you? A St Kilda supporter?


That was Natrat? We elevated Crameri straight away.


Ahhh, the glory years where our leading goal kicker kicked 24 goals for the season!