Stewart Crameri


1/ make ■■■■ up
2/ get outraged by it
3/ troll it till it’s dead
4/ repeat


Finally a game-plan Essendon can execute!


If we take back Crameri then I may as well hand my membership back. No way we will move forward with decisions like that.


1/put self on pedestal
2/ get outraged by criticisms of the club
3/ ???
4/ repeat



Were you that kid that needed jokes explained to them?


Ahhh Kyle Reimers the one bloke that use to always destroy FC


You forgot the part where he mentions “gloomers”.




And Lovett!


Andrew Welsh doing a shut down job on Judd.

Andrew Lovett his 4 goals against FC with one of them being kicked mid air through the sticks is my favourite.

My favourite FC game


Monfries seemed to fire up against them too. We had a good stretch of wins over them during the Knights era.


Every time I see Lovett I just shake my head and wonder at the complete waste of talent. He had it all in front of him…what a shame!


I blame Matty Knights he wanted him gone.

Yeah Andy had his issues but Essendon was home to him they just turfed him to the curb when he needed help.


Bit rude calling St Kilda “the curb”.


You’re right. It’s extremely disrespectful to curbs


I almost cried seeing him in that Saints jumper when he was officially revealed haha. In some ways I’m glad he didn’t play any games for them.


Good news is we got Mark Williams in return!


Hey, didn’t he kick a goal after the siren in a pre-season game to win us the match??? Legendary.


Celebrated like we’d won the fekcin’ flag.