Stewart Crameri


Bring him im as back up. If he is up and about he’s a ready made replacement for Stewart, Stringer, Fridge or at a pinch one of the smalls.

Do it.


Was thinking earlier today that Cloke’s retirement might snag him one more year.

Not to be.


A 29 yo player with hip problems who walked out on the club who gave him his chance at the age of 23.
Keep walking.


He was offered double his salary to do the same job elsewhere. You’d have done exactly the same.
And then stuck fat with his ex-teammates when his own club management was pushing him otherwise.
There’s some farking troglodytes on here…


I didn’t judge him, I have the same attitude with anyone who walks out on a job.

Well, now he doesn’t have a salary.


walked out on the club that got his name dragged through mud.




You’re in HR, right?


wont get crameri.


We have him a chance when others wouldn’t. He showed form and walked for more cash well before the saga. No sympathy here. Only question for me is whether he would still be on our list today had he stayed.


He didn’t walk before the Saga. He walked at the end of 2013.


Don’t even know where to begin with how wrong you are


If Dodoro thought Rockliff was too old then Crameri would be too old too, I’d think.


It’s like some of you have never worked in a ■■■■ workplace (which Essendon during the Saga most definitely was). He had every right to hightail it out of there. This loyalty ■■■■ drives me up the wall. It’s a double standard that you’d never impose on yourself.


In what world would he get a game in our current forward line. He wouldn’t unless we were smashed by injury. I’m saying that, I’d have him on the rookie list on a minimum wage and have him in the vfl and at worst case, depth if two of hooker, Stewart and Daniher were injured


Sorry WOB, but that is a waste of a spot. There is no room for him. It will speak volumes of the club that picks him up if any. I’d rather we picked up Dustin Fletcher as he has played the same amount of footy as Stewart in the last 2 years without the constant injury problems.


People bang on about his last 2yrs of next to no footy

2016 can hardly be held against him given was suspended. That’s the clubs fault not his.

And as for the supposed constant injury problems in 2017 it was one, that’s right ONE injury only that they tried to rehabilitate with rest but needed surgery to FIX it in the end that put him out for season … it’s footy, it can happen easily.

Perhaps it’s just me but I see us as just as a single injury to Hooker throwing the team balance out of whack. Grundy manhandling Stewart in the final, and Smack in early season game comes to mind.

Who do we turn to if Hooker missed games?

The only strong bodied contested marking kpf depth we have is:

  • Francis: proven nothing / unreliable so far
  • Smack: proven unreliable/ rookie, need an LTI

How do we rectify that?

  • Draft: won’t be anyone of quality either young or older left by our late picks, the older as well with only state league experience
  • DFA: With AFL experience, Michael Close (23yrs old) or Stew Crameri (28yrs old)

I’d think Close would be our preferred option as would still have a lot of upside since he is young but he would likely prefer/choose a club with more opportunity & a starting spot.

So we are possibly left with Crameri … whose kicked 30+ at AFL level 5yrs in a row mind you.

If it’s for only one year on minimum chips contract to be back up for Hooker if he missed & to allow Francis to develop further so hopefully can be relied upon in 2019 & beyond I say do it.

The 2018 draft is meant to be stacked with talls so opportunity to find some more quality there will come. And can also look to trade for needs again.

But for now if we are serious about pushing for top 4 & having a crack next season then experienced depth in such a vital area will be important.


Francis is your man. It’s his 3rd year, play the boy. It is backward thinking to pick up crameri.


If anyone is thinking drafting Crameri, then you may as well also bring back Stanton, Howlett, Hocking and Watson.


Welcome back Jobe!!!