Stewart Crameri


Ain’t you just a bundle of joy.



Sadly, it’s Bang On.

If we fall back on anyone, it’s Francis.

At least then we’ll know - whereas with the others we already do.


I note he/she/it didn’t refute my suggestion they were in HR… Speaks volumes to me…


Better list option than Jackson Merrett :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not totally against it as I loved him as a player and I still reckon he could be in our best side if his body was right but it would have to be extremely unlikely we’d go for him after the recruitment of stringer AND with much younger options in stewart and begley already at the club


I could see Collingwood giving him a go


It’s a sign of how much football list management is changing.

Dogs biggest issue is their forwardline. So they go out and delist Cloke and Crameri.

Our supposed biggest issue is big bodied clearance players. We delist Hocking, Howlett and Bird.


Back when crameri left the club I remember the reason was always said not to be about the saga, according to the “in the know blitzers”.
Can the blitzers with the inside knowledge please tell me why he left or is it still too soon.


Yeah, because his dad was a superstar player at the Bombers and Stewart is a premiership and brownlow medalist at the Bombers. Exactly the same situation.


He left for $$$ and to play more “midfield time” or $$$.

He was my favorite player,as was pig after him. ■■■■ THEM BOTH!!!


I can’t see him coming back.


That’s the issue held by people outside the club (fans and media).

The coaches have stated many times that they don’t see contested football as an issue for us. I disagree with it, but they are happy to concede clearances.
Clearly they are pushing for a sling-shot game plan. Everything focuses on leg speed and hitting targets. Any player that doesn’t fit this criteria is gone.


I totally agree.

I think we have plenty of scope for improvement now that the slower players have moved on.

I was merely pointing out that the perception from fans is still very much that teams still require traditional structures to remain competitive.

It’s generally the sides that are doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing that can rise to the top and maintain their position.

I’m very happy that we haven’t replaced Jobe with say a Miles or a Kennedy or any of these other “big bodied” mids because all that does is bring us back to the pack.

We need to refine our gameplan no doubt, but in a way that we maintain our strengths.


I’m not sure how many times it has to be said… he left FOR CUDDLES.


Loved him for his aggression in the red and black but times up for him. We can’t go recruiting 29yolds for old times sake. Would just be a list clogger.


I seem to remember there was some dark reason that people would only PM each other about. Just curious.


Unfortunately for him he made his bed


Going to the Dees it seems.


McCartney cuddles again win out.

Beers with Hibbo and Melky also.

In cutting Watts & having a young Weidemann in the wings they def needed someone else of experience in.

Dees would be good fit & he would be playing in their best side as opposed to depth for us.


Yeah I agree, SG. I don’t think Crameri fits where our list is heading but he certainly fits where the Dees are going with their list. Plus, I’m sure the McCartney cuddles will be a bonus.


Dees list demographic would have to be pretty similar to us @SeddonBomber ?

Good luck to him.

Have to wonder if we also think out of race for Close, hence Smack rookied again.

Let’s hope Aaron Francis really turns the corner on his fitness this preseason so can be a valuable contributer to senior team wherever he needed.