Stewart Crameri


Also could be that we seem to have heaps of options for mid size forwards and not as many tall options.


You know who else said that. Look what happened to her…


he got an extra 50 k a year and one extra year than what the club offered, he sure as hell wasn’t offered double.

as someone else said no one else gave him a chance, we did and allowed him to even remotely get a shot at afl level.

oh but wow he didn’t allow his management to bend us over so he could get to his new club, wow such a nice guy, do you greet everyone who ■■■■■ you in the ■■■■ the same ?

ironically if he had of stayed here he’d prolly have a contract with us next year, we walked out, luck didn’t go his way, so after his 4 years was up at the dogs, bam he’s gone and looking less likely to have an afl contract next year.

The fact is he did walk out on the club, you and all the other sycophants can carry on all you want about what happened after that, it’ll never change the fact that he did walk out on a club who did give him his only chance to make it as an afl footballer.

personally i got no issue with it, it’s a business yada yada, you live and die by the sword etc, but don’t try and use sentiment now as to why we should re take him. he didn’t use sentiment to stay, why should we use it now ?


He would slot in well at Collingwood…


I reckon we if we are serious about having a real run at the flag, then Crameri should be considered.

We have no KPF depth and had a pretty good run with injuries to key forwards last year. I doubt we will be as lucky this year.

It’s him, Close or an unproven kid we shoulfd be looking at with one of our picks/list sports.

He will be picked up by another team - I wouldn’t be upset if it was us.


Come off it…how many players do not have carry some sort of injury while playing. He’s had surgery.


@Speedy_Gonzales - I reckon it would be close if not the same. I meant in the context of where the list itself is heading - I don’t think he suits our list, we seem to have a lot of HFs floating about. That’s not to say that he’d be OK if we did get him.


I love how we have Crameri’s accountant on blitz who is able to so matter of factly state that Crameri’s left for an extra 50k a year.

Opinion dressed as fact.


Daniher, Stewart and hooker are our KPF. Stringer (midfield hopefully) and Francis are technically our depth (as well as Hurley purely as a back up).

Stew is not a KPF, he is a HFF with great running capacity and excellent attitude. We don’t need him as a HFF and certainly not as a KPF.


You forgot to mention Langford as our third tall.


Kind of feel sorry for him is pretty much begging for another chance.


Enter Dees, stage right, so Stew can reunite with the Melky Bar Kid and the Inhibberder.




I think we would have taken him, if The opportunity to get Stringer didn’t come up.


If Sheedy was coach, he’d be picked up for sure.



Not like this.


Will be a bomber


Based on?


Does Morgan leaving open up a spot?


vfl needs.