Stewart Crameri


Xavier Campbell pretty much shut the door on Crameri coming back to Ess during his SEN interview this morning.


Yeah, I thought he might have some inside knowledge.

Enjoy Crammers work when he was with us.

If somebody asked me if we needed a 29 year old injury prone player that’s been out of the game for two years, I would say no.

We don’t need him now so I hope we don’t pick him up based on sentimentality.


he’s the last player we need, but the first i want.



lol, it would complete the circle wouldn’t it.


Shows how little XC knows about football!


Can see him heading to the Dees - replace Watts as a third tall forward, and also release petracca to the midfield.


Care to expand on that? I’m interested to know why you think that based on him ruling out Crameri


This is also the guy that doesn’t rate devon smith. so yeah.


FWIW Xavier didnt categorically rule it out.

He just said i will leave it up to Dodoro and the recruiting Crew.

If he said we were interested, media would have went with it and put pressure of list management and Crameri.

He played the question with a straight bat IMO.


When you say XC knows little about football do you mean:

  1. He doesn’t know what is happening in the EFC football Department because Crameri is coming back


  1. He doesn’t know about football because you don’t agree with his assessment that our list has other more pressing needs?


As I’ve said before. If Stuey wouldn’t be the best “40th player” on any AFL list for 2018 then those writing him off are kidding themselves.




Yes! :wink:


stick to the photos m8


So your insinuating that XC has no idea because we won’t pick up Crameri?

Crameri would be better than every 40Th player at every club. It doesn’t mean he’s good enough to be on our list. We are stacked with his type of forward on the list, that medium/tall sized mobile guy who can snag a goal. Laverde, Langford, begley, mckernan, Stewart, stringer,

Why would we add a bloke who is 29, injury prone and not played for 2 years to our list in a position where we have the most depth? It makes literally zero sense


It might have something to do with “batting deep” for 2018 in a year with a very shallow talent pool. We’d only be looking at a one year contract and if his body has recovered I’d back him in to be a senior team contender ahead of many others on our “deep list”. It’s a gamble worth taking and a damn good protection against a bad run of luck on the injury front.


Your entitled to your opinion man but I don’t think anyone will agree with you. There are literally 5-6 guys ahead of him in that role. It’d have to be the worst injury crisis in history.

Would you rather pump games into laverde/begley, or Crameri for a year. He’s 29 and hasn’t played footy for 2 years and is injury prone. Isn’t that a concern to you?


End of the day if he is picked up, and they are both fighting for the spot, well Laverde/Begley will need to dominate VFL/preseason and outshine Crameri.

but yes third tall forward we could use Stringer/Stewart/McKernan/Langford/Laverde/Begley/Crameri

on the other side, maybe he helps the development of these boys in the VFL.

Stewart is forced to add relief Ruck to his role.

If he was to be picked up, i thought we would have delisted McKernan IMO.


We don’t need 29 year olds.