Stewart Crameri














Have you ever posted without CAPSLOCK?


Ask him about crowd attendance.




Only when he threatens appendages, one has to be civilised in these matters after all


You left out the best part!


Anyone got the gif of him mugging Houli and then dobbing a goal?


He had to leave out the bit he didn’t need, because the evidence didn’t actually support the claim.


Thankfully some record of it exists


X said on SEN yesterday that we won’t be going after him.


but X knows nothing about footy according to some! nothing!


X should leave football matters to the football department. Not sure why he should be appearing on radio or tv to talk about football matters at all


When doing interviews he will always be asked football questions not just matters about the club.

As long as he’s not undermining the coaches or list management team I can’t see an issue with it.


Because he is incredibly good at it, and is a wonderful front-man for the club. The corporate $'s should be rolling in.


Lol, X wouldn’t have made the decision. He would just be reiterating what he knows from list management discussions.

And of course a football club CEO is going to get asked football questions, whether list management at this time of year or things like the form of a current player who is playing poorly (during the season).