Stewart Crameri


Yeah, he should stay out of it. Its not like he’s the CEO and thus in charge of the whole club.


i listened to the podcast of the interview and i don’t think he 100% made out like it was a no, or yes for that matter. he deferred to the list management team and said that “adrian is happy with the forward half of the ground” or words to that effect.not sure what the butt hurt from some people is all about.


Xavier knows nothing about footy, that’s why he’s the CEO silly!


Cats and Pies would be stupid not to offer him a lifeline. If he misses out I’d be targeting him for the VFL team.



Crewart Stameri


It amuses me this has got so much discussion.

No way will he be back at essendon.

I hope he gets another go somewhere but it won’t be us.

Brisbane or the suns could do.worse than pick him.up for a year or two. Even freo.


It might be a good idea if the sun started shrinking their photos so they dont have to hyphonate every 3rd word.


Agree. Their new website changes are very ■■■■■■. Also, they seem to have removed the ability to hit subscriber stories from a search engine. Oh well might have to buy a subscription. Not!


It’s weird to navigate now and less clear what section you’re looking at


I’m reliably informed Joe daniher doesn’t have the slightest idea about the tax implications of capital asset write-downs.


Aaron Mullett is still on an AFL list and Stu Crameri potentially isnt!? Bizarre world atm.

Id say Crameri will get another shot somewhere on a rookie list , at least.


Collingwood or Melbourne I recon


Mullet is 25 and coming off a career best season.
Crameri is 29, injury prone and hasn’t played for 2 years. What’s so surprising?


Mulletts “career best” season got him delisted.


Norf are also fkg idiots. Ie, delist mullett and replace him with Morgan. I actually reckon mullett is okay. I find it bizarre norf delisting guys like him. I could understand it from a team with quality, but I’d think norf need anyone who actually wants to play for them


Really made no sense from a football perspective

There must be other issues off field / professionalism wise that contributed to it.

Bit like McKenzie scenario at GC


They also are idiots not going for Crameri, two years of a hulk like him will be better than having to play skinny injured kids all the time.


How many list spots do we have available? A quick check and I think we have room for 4 on senior list and 1 rookie. Can anyone confirm?


I think it’s 3 & 2.

7 cut main list. 4 in, with the trades and Long.
Draper and Smack still rookied.