Stewart Crameri


Actually it might be 3 senior list and 2 rookies, since Long was upgraded


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We only have 3 picks at the National Draft.

We’ll either need to get a delisted free agent or use a PSD pick.


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We’ve only got 3 picks because we’ve only got 3 list spots available, that’s how it works! 4 list spots = 4 picks etc


I don’t think so.

If we wanted more picks we would have needed to trade in some late picks. There’s only 6 rounds.

Edit: my bad, we have 4 picks available in the draft.
48,67, 85, 103.

I believe we can’t use any more than that, regardless if we have 5-6 list spots available. We’d need to go to the PSD to complete the main list.


I’ve known Aaron since he was about 10 and played with one of his brothers for ~3-4 years at senior level.
Extremely doubtful that professionalism/off field issues are the concern, except that maybe he doesn’t fit in with the ego-tripper stereotype of an AFL footballer.
Ben (the brother I played with at Mooroolbark) was a premiership captain there then went to Kilsyth as a playing assistant coach.
Ryan (another brother) was a premiership captain at Vermont and won 3 x league BnFs and was widely regarded as one of the most professional players in the league with regards to professionalism etc


Crameri is a forward - they already have brown and another older player, Waite plus other senior players rotating through there. They don’t need him.


Well that’s even worse then. Do you have an idea then of what happened?

For a developing side to cut a younger player who actually has shown football talent and would be in their best 25-30 players easily it’s mind boggling.

And for there not to be a lot more clubs after him also must mean there is something else going on IMO. Strikes? Rooted someone’s mrs? … the whole thing is odd.


No idea, sorry.
I’d never personally met Ryan and haven’t seen Ben or Aaron in a couple of years.
It’s possible that he fell off the rails but I’m sceptical as his brothers would have pulled him into line pretty quickly.

Haven’t watched many Norf games but I think a knock has been his defensive work?
He’s also turning 26 before next season which puts him in the slightly older category


Nah mate, the extra picks are just given at the end of the draft. That’s why the last few rounds only have a few picks per round, cause every other club has a full list by then



Clubs just don’t often take 6 picks.


Yeah, and even if they do most other clubs have passed by that stage meaning those picks come in directly after earlier round picks making it look like they had an “earlier” pick than they did.


We surely won’t use 103. Does that mean we’ll take a psd pick?


Could have a larger rookie list this time. May as well. If we don’t highly rate anyone just do rookie contracts. If they surprise us they can still play senior games now.


We’ve only got 3 spots available so we can’t use 103.
It wouldn’t be surprising if we only take 2 picks and we get an extra rookie instead.

Hardly any club has used a PSD pick in the last 3 or 4 years so it would be a big surprise if we took one this year


We have 3 senior list spots available, so we can take up to 3 picks. We cannot take any more unless someone else is delisted. The only player who does not have a contract for 2018 yet (or at least we haven’t been informed of) is Green.

Having promoted Long, we must take at least 2 picks in the national draft. With the third pick (or fourth if Green is delisted) we can either use it in the national draft, the preseason draft, take an extra rookie selection or pick up a DFA.


I used to love watching Stewie - he could do pretty much anything. One of the best players in the comp at winning the ball in a pure one-on-one, whether the ball’s in the air or on the ground. But from the posts in this forum and XC’s comments it looks like we’re not taking him. I’m not arguing against that decision, I’m quite sure Woosha, Jackets and co know more than I do about list management, but I’m still really disappointed. Would love to see Cram back in the red and black.


It looks unlikely that he will be picked up by anyone based on how far clubs are cutting into their lists.

Sides are becoming far more ruthless with list management and turning over players looks to be the way of the future.


Because that has worked so well for the Blooos over the last 3 seasons, 42 players and counting.