Stewart Crameri


Yeah I miss him too. I used to call him “Stewart Crameri never beaten”. Its very sad but age, injuries and the saga have not helped his cause.


Based on the state of their list over the last ten years I think that was there only option.

We have made plenty of errors in the past with the introduction of other side listcloggers and almost retired players.

Port for mine have made some stupid decisions this off season and in a couple of years they are really going to feel the effects of it. Same can be said of Geelong if they don’t win a flag.


They have basically turned over a whole list in three years. l doubt the coach even knew all their names. At that rate they might as well just put in a revolving front door. Not that l am complainig.


They have certainly cut into it.

Their list still remains a shambles and I cant see them recovering for a decade.


Surprised no one has picked him up. Sad in a way.


If we hadn’t gotten Stringer I think we would have gotten Crameri.


Reckon he ends up at the Suns as a rookie


Didn’t they knock back A Swallow because they had no spots on their list (except for what they take at the draft, obviously).


Hence the rookie bit, presumably.


Pies fan over at Bigfooty claims that he was doing a medical at Collingwood I think he’ll be a good fit for them.


That would be the worst place for him to go.

How many medium / small sized forwards do they have?
Fasolo, Hoskin-Elliott, Blair, Elliott & Mayne.
Crameri will be playing VFL all season.


I don’t know why people continually put Crameri in that type of group of players

He’s not a small/medium fwd

He is a brute but undersized kpf. He used to draw the oppositions best kpd when he was our leading goal scorer. He plays tall strength and marking wise but has the running game (when fit) of a smaller player.

As a 3rd tall he’d work perfectly around a Moore, Cox fwd/ruck setup. With Elliot, Fasolo & Blair (if he still on list) around them. Still a rubbish fwd line.

Hoskin Elliot plays wing. Mayne will be in VFL


Crameri mentioned Collingwood along with Melbourne and Geelong as clubs where he could see himself finding a role as a forward but also with stints through the midfield on a sportsday podcast - see


Why? On past form they will give him a 3 or 4 year contract


Reckon Stewie missed the station by one season on the Collingwood gravy train. He would have got 5 years then.

Surely even they are not stupid enough to do something similar again.

Good luck to him, hope he gets at least a season somewhere to prove himself again and finish in a senior side.


Must be the romantic in me but I’d still love to see him in black and red next year.


Thanks …but NO




Only as a rookie