Stewart Crameri


And Fletch Snr!


Not completely opposed to the idea.


Has anyone even asked Ken if he is interested.


maybe we should say to fletch, if he stays fit (hasnt blown out yet), we could bring him back next year on the rookie list, so he could play a match with his boy.
Worth a rookie spot IMO.


Ok, so how many picks if we have 5 list spots?


Geelong said to be looking at him. They have an Easter Isand statue for a KPF, so I suppose Crammers running ability is attractive to them.


I can’t take this thread seriously, can only assume every single person who has said yes to Crameri must be taking the ■■■■. I have too much respect for my fellow Essendon supporters to believe the alternative is a possibility.


Sentimentality is alive and well.


They missed out on Stringer so Crameri the next best thing.

I think he’ll do ok at the Cats.


Congratulations to Crameri for still being on an AFL list. Is too good not to be. I think he’ll get plenty of senior games.


Glad someone picked him up, and also that it wasn’t us. Hope he gets a good run at the Cats, and he kicks 0.4 against us.


The Cats’ new Podsiadly…


Glad he went somewhere. There’s now one guy playing for Geelong that’s not entirely insufferable.


Hope he does well and he will down there. Going to have plenty of supply from that midfield.


What about Abl…oh wait


For very different reasons the thought of gleeson or Francis matching up on this guy is the stuff of nightmares.

Picking out best kpd combination next year is going to be real tricky (unless hooker goes back)


Ambrose logical matchup

Hartley on Hawkins
Hurley on their fwd/ruck.
Or vice versa.


I’m disappointed that he went to the Cats because he is going to strengthen their ■■■■■■ forward line. Massive improvement on Rhys Stanley.


I don’t mind him kicking 10, as long as we win. Glad he found a home. Good luck to him!


Guaranteed midfield time I heard… Dangerwood and Gablett being trialled as HB flankers.